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What is Zilliqa, and what is the ZIL coin?

Zilliqa is a permissionless blockchain project that seeks to enhance scalability through sharding. The project seeks to address the problems that have derailed blockchain mainstream adoption due to scalability issues.

Sharding has allowed Zilliqa to split its infrastructure into several interconnected networks, thus allowing it to process more transactions. Sharding has also allowed Zilliqa to achieve high throughput and a high rate of transactions per second. As the network grows, the number of shards will increase, which should enable the network to process more transactions.

In addition, Zilliqa has emerged as one of the competing blockchain projects enhancing the development of decentralized applications and cryptocurrencies. It leverages Scylla native programming language to improve network security; additionally, it allows developers to come up with and customize decentralized applications intended to perform different real-world activities.

At the heart of the permissionless blockchain network is ZIL, the network’s native cryptocurrency that acts as a medium of exchange. All transaction fees on the network are settled through ZIL. The token is also used to incentivize actors to continue supporting the network.

ZIL token holders also play a key role in maintaining and operating the network. Depending on the tokens staked, the holders can participate in making key decisions on the development of the network.

The total number of ZIL tokens that will ever be in circulation is capped at 21 billion. Currently, there are about 12.64 billion ZIL tokens in circulation with a market cap of about $1.3 billion. The total value of Zip tokens locked in decentralized finance applications stands at about $519 million.

Should I buy Zilliqa coin today: ZIL market sentiment

When most cryptocurrencies are under pressure, the Zilliqa coin continues to outperform the overall market. In recent weeks, the cryptocurrency has turned bullish, rallying by more than 100% from one-year lows.

Technical indicators led by the Relative Strength Index already signal a buildup in buying pressure, affirming that long-term investors are accumulating positions. After powering to highs of $0.22, ZIL has pulled back slightly in what could be attributed to traders taking profits after the massive move up.

Chart showing ZIL breakout

A break out of the long-term descending channel signals ZIL has turned bullish and is likely to continue rerating higher. Consequently, after the recent breakout, any pullbacks should act as ideal entry points to trigger buy positions.

ZIL finding support above the $0.10 level should affirm the emerging uptrend. Consequently, the pullback provides an ideal entry point from where the coin is expected to continue rallying in continuation of the emerging uptrend.

What is Zilliqa ZIL price prediction for a year?

Zilliqa coin has turned bullish in recent weeks after shedding more than 80% in market value from it’s all-time highs. A bounce back from February lows of $0.03 signals the sell-off is over and that the coin is poised to rerate higher.

Chart showing ZIL 2022 price prediction

The price forecast on Digitalcoinprice.com indicates ZIL could appreciate to highs of $0.15 before year-end, representing a 50% price gain from current levels. Analysts at Walletinvetsor.com, on the other hand, expect the coin to appreciate more than $0.13 before year-end.

What is Zilliqa ZIL price prediction for 2025?

ZIL coin price is expected to appreciate significantly amid the increased use of the Zilliqa network. Scalability edge should make Zilliqa a preferred platform for developing smart contracts and decentralized applications, expected to have a significant impact in fuelling ZIL demand and thus value.

Chart showing ZIL 2025 price prediction

Consequently, ZIL value is expected to increase significantly over the next three years and could reach highs of $0.20, according to estimates at Digitalcoinprice.com. The estimate is quite conservative as it represents a 100% gain from current levels over three years. ZIL has shown it could be volatile and capable of registering triple-digit percentage gains over a short period.

What is Zilliqa ZIL price prediction for 2030?

Zilliqa coin, like most cryptocurrencies, stands out as a long-term investment. Its long-term outlook is positive, going by the mainstream sector’s impressive blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption.

Chart showing ZIL 2030 price prediction

Similarly, ZIL is expected to be much more valuable over the next eight years. Estimates at Digitalcoinprice.com indicate the coin could appreciate to more than $0.50 a coin by 2030, representing a 400% price gain from current levels.

Zilliqa ZIL FAQ

Will the Zilliqa coin appreciate in a year?

Yes. Zilliqa coin could appreciate significantly this year after bouncing back following an 80% sell-off. The cryptocurrency powering through the $0.10 level could be the catalyst to trigger further price gains.

How much will Zilliqa be worth in 5 years?

Over the next five years ZIL coin is expected to be worth more than $0.20 a coin.

Where do I buy a ZIL Token?

ZIL coin can be bought in several major cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, Huobi Bitfinex, and Bithumb.