Zero to Hero FX signals says it can assist you to thrive in Forex trading since its team is experienced and focused on optimizing results. The professionals further state that they are on a mission of providing reliable and precise signals that will transform your view on Forex. We assess these claims. 

The person behind this service is known as Bert. He is the head Forex trader and claims to have more than 10 years of trading experience in the Forex market. However, there’s no intel about which company he works for or the professionals he teams up with to provide signals. 

Zero to Hero FX Signals: characteristics

The service has a few features:

  • Signals come with a stop loss, take profit, and entry price, and can be used on 4-10 trades daily.
  • Signals are sent directly through email, Telegram app, and SMS to your device.
  • The monthly target is 300 pips per month.

Currency pairs, strategy, and timeframe

The signals trade on a variety of currency pairs, including AUDUSD, EURJPY, EURUSD, USDCAD, USDCHF, and USDJPY. But it is not clear what timeframe is used.

With regards to the strategy, the professionals explain that they thoroughly examine the technical fundamental pressures on the main currency pairs. The resulting info is utilized to select what they term as the best trading for their trading fund. Therefore, when you utilize the service, the team will inform you immediately about each trade it takes on its fund.  

Zero to Hero FX Signals trading performance

The vendor doesn’t post the backtest results of the signals despite claiming that they conducted the test and obtained good outcomes.  

Luckily, live trading stats are present. The signals were used on a demo account on FXBlue between June 2019 and January 2020. 

Performance of trades.

A deposit of $3000 was placed, and when the account was activated, the signals caused it to suffer some losses for several months. Fortunately, the money lost was recovered as the signals began generating profits. After 209 days of trading, 56.3% of the trades were successful. As a result, a profit of $2790.92 was realized, increasing the  balance to $5790.92. 

The signals led to weekly and monthly return rates of 2.2% and 9.7%, respectively. A profit factor of 1.24 tells us that the service had an average profitability rate. There was a peak drawdown of -29.3%. 

Performance of currency pairs.

The signals were mostly traded on the USDJPY currency pair. Out of the 265 orders implemented using this symbol, 150 were profitable, while 115 were unproductive. 

Account’s risk of ruin.

The account had a low risk of ruin — 1.9%. As you can see, the risk/reward ratio was 1.5 and favorable. The worst week led to a loss of -$551.25, whereas the worst month caused the account to lose -$327.50. There was an average win of $51.95 and an average loss of -$54.15. 

Trading history.

The account traded with different currency pairs, fixed lot sizes (0.20), and a grid of orders. Many losses were incurred, but a few trades were successful. 

Monthly profits.

Most of the months reported low profitability rates. June and August reported losses. 

Oddly, but the last update of this trading account was made 2 years ago. It looks like the devs abandoned their website. So, we do not know for sure whether this signal service is still valid in 2022.

How much does it cost?

Pricing packages.

If you are interested in the service, there are four subscription plans to choose from. The basic membership asks you to pay $95/month, while the quarterly plan is $195. The 6 months and the annual offers come at a cost of $295 and $395, respectively. A money-back guarantee is not featured in any of the plans. 

Reviews from customers

We found several reviews for this service on Trustpilot, and most of them are positive. According to some of the clients, the Forex signals have been good, and Bert is very helpful as he provides all the details needed. However, there is one trader who terms Zero to Hero as a vague Forex signal provider. He says that their service only offers signals without explaining the technical or fundamental analysis behind it. 

Positive customer feedback.
Negative user reviews.

Should you use Zero to Hero FX Signals?

Provides signals through efficient channelsLow success rate
SL and TP levels are featuredInsufficient vendor transparency
High losing streak
Strategy explanation is not detailed


This service provider promises to supply you with signals for trading Forex through several channels, which makes them easily accessible. The SL and TP levels offered also enable you to optimize your trading results. In spite of this, we have ascertained through the verified trading stats that the signals have a low success rate (56.3%) and a high losing streak.