Zen Scalper EA is a trading advisor that has a short presentation that doesn’t answer all our questions. The developers insist: “Zen Scalper EA: No Delay, No Hassle, No Missed Profits. Get Best Profits with Zen Scalper EA.” We are not pretty sure about this, so we decided to check it out. 

Zen Scalper EA: characteristics

Zen Scalper EA features.

The dev explains to us how the system works and what we have to expect from it. 

  • The robot executes orders automatically on our terminal. We have to do nothing in addition. 
  • We can expect to get solid profits during a short period of time. 
  • The devs claimed that the profits are consistent and reliable.
  • The advisor aims to close orders in a profit. 
  • The system can work for us and doesn’t require us to check it consistently. 
  • We have a “profitable strategy from experienced traders.”
  • The devs don’t disclose details about a strategy. 
  • The system can work with up to the 100% win rate. 
  • It can help us with reaching our goals. 
  • We should rely on 24:7 live chat and email support. 
  • “We are Announcing Perfect Packages for YouA 100% Hands Free System, Quick and Easy to setup, Extreme Execution Speed, no external files required, Stay connected 100% of the time and “Trade” while you are working, sleeping, traveling.”
  • The advisor is able to provide low-drawdown trading. 

Currency pairs, strategy & timeframe

  • The main strategy is scalping. 
  • There’s no details about what cross pairs we are allowed to trade. 
  • The time frame wasn’t mentioned either. 

Zen Scalper EA trading performance

Zen Scalper EA backtest report.

We have the system tested on eleven months of the tick data. There are no details disclosed about a broker. The system gained 2466.39% of the total net profit. An average monthly profit was 37.32%, while the peak drawdown was 34.28%. It’s not a low number. The system has executed 2093 trades with 2154.6 pips. An average win was 6.90 pips when an average loss was 9.79 pips. It traded with an accuracy rate of 64-65% and a profit factor of 1,77. The average trade duration was 58 minutes. 

Zen Scalper EA monthly profits.

The advisor worked with various profits on this year’s tick data. 

Zen Scalper EA trading results.

Zen Scalper EA works on a real account on the well-known broker – FBS. The leverage is 1:500. The system receives data from MT4 indicators. The account has two badges: a verified track record and verified trading privileges. It was created on October 25, 2021, and deposited at $7,376.30. Since then, the absolute gain has grown to 228.09%. An average monthly gain is 97.23% with 14.66 drawdowns. The drawdowns are acceptable for this trading account.

Zen Scalper EA details.

We have 317 deals executed with 1827.6 pips. The average trade length is 2 hours and 24 minutes. The profit factor is 4.38. The number is almost three times higher than an average robot should have to work well. 

Zen Scalper EA directions.

GBPUSD is the only cross pair to work with. It has executed 317 and generated $14,119.82. 

Zen Scalper EA hourly activities.

The most desireable session to trade is European.  

Zen Scalper EA daily activities.

Monday is the most actively traded day with 86 orders. 

Zen Scalper EA risks.

The system works with medium risks but acceptable win rate. 

Zen Scalper EA closed orders.

The robot trades with some Martingale deals. However, we cannot say how it decides when to increase lot sizes.

Zen Scalper EA monthly profits.

The advisor had closed October and hasn’t closed November 2021 yet. The system does not trade stable. 

How much does it cost?

Zen Scalper EA pricing details.

The devs try to cover all expectations: we can survive for the system, become a referral, or purchase the robot. The rental option is available for an affordable price for $59 a month. The referral registration allows us to deposit our account on $3000 and get the system on it to trade for free. We can buy a copy of the robot for $249 for a copy. We can rely on a 15-day money-back guarantee. 

Reviews from customers

The system is less than a month old. So, we have no testimonials written about it. It’s hard to predict if the advisor works stable on people’s accounts. 

Should you use Zen Scalper EA?

Backtest reports sharedNo risk advice given 
Trading results showedNo details about a scalping strategy shown
A 15-day refund appliedThe system is too young
It trades with Martingale
No people testimonials written


Zen Scalper EA is a system that works on the real account for several weeks. We have to note that the advisor executes orders with medium risks. So, we would like to see if the system will work predictable for half a year or so.