Z Trader FX EA is an expert advisor that doesn’t look trustworthy. First, the presentation lacks much minimum required information. Second, their real account was blown by the system. The main claim tells us how great it will be to have a professional advisor to help us trade. 

Z Trader FX EA: characteristics

The presentation has almost no features, explanations, and other useful information:

  • The advisor is a fully automatic trading solution. 
  • It doesn’t run the next strategies: scalping, martingale, or cost averaging.
  • We can work on the MT4 platform. 
  • The system can be used on demo or real accounts. 
  • The advisor needs $100 on balance to work with a 0.01 lot. 
  • The minimum deposit should be $200.
  • We can expect free updates and upgrades.
  • Setting up takes several minutes to get started. 

Currency pairs, strategy & timeframe

  • The system uses a Grid of orders.  
  • We are allowed to work with EURUSD only. 
  • The time frame is M15. 

Z Trader FX EA trading performance

Z Trader FX EA backtest report for EURUSD pair.

We have a EUR/USD backtest on M15 based on 2016-2018 data. The modeling quality was 90.00% with 20 pips. An initial deposit was $99. The total net profit became $2,016,982. The profit factor was 638.10. The win rate was 95% for longs and 100% for shorts. The maximum drawdown was 16.00%. An average win streak was 26 trades in a row.

Z Trader FX EA trading results.

The system used to work on the real account. The closed profit is -22,288 RUB. The balance is 9.52 RUB. 

Z Trader FX EA trading statistics.

The total net return is -203.8%. An average monthly gain is -100%. The peak of the drawdown is -248%. The win-rate is 72.7%. The profit factor is 0.27. An average trade frequency is 0.2 deals a day. The robot worked for 222 days. 

Z Trader FX EA risks information.

The risk to reward ratio is -15.53. An average trade length is 56.4 days. An average win is +210.66 RUB when an average loss is -$2,047 RUB.

Z Trader FX EA trading directions.

The BUY direction was traded twice more frequently. 

Z Trader FX EA daily trading activities.

Wednesday with 15 deals is the most traded day. 

Z Trader FX EA hourly trading activities.

The system trades during the European and American trading hours. 

Z Trader FX EA monthly trading results.

All orders closed in July 2021 were lost. 

Z Trader FX EA trading results.

The system has closed a huge grid of orders that most likely were traded without SL levels. 

How much does it cost?

Z Trader FX EA offer.

There are two packages provided. The first pack is available for $117. It includes two real and two demo account licenses. The second pack can be bought for $137. It includes three real and three demo lifetime licenses. We can rely on free upgrades and support. The system isn’t delivered with a refund policy. 

Reviews from customers

Z Trader FX EA page on Forex Peace Army.

Z trader FX EA has a profile on Forex Peace Army with six reviews and a 1.6 rate based on them.

Customer comment about Z Trader FX EA on FPA.

This person couldn’t be profitable with the system.

Trades against the trend’ review from customer on FPA.

The robot experienced huge drawdowns that were noticed not only by us. 

Negative review on FPA.

People regret that they have purchased this system. 

Should you use Z Trader FX EA?

Real-account trading results No team revealed 
Backtest reports providedNo settings explanations provided 
No strategy details shared
Grid of orders risky strategy 
Horrible trading results
No refund policy provided 
Horrible people feedback


Z Trader FX EA showed that high win rates on the backtests often don’t match real trading results. The system uses a big grid of orders without or with very deep Stop Loss levels. As a result, the account was blown. The testimonials informed us that the system is dangerous for use on a real account.