XXL Real Profit is being promoted as a system with greater capabilities that can help a user earn big profits in Forex. It watches the market for you 24 hours while  looking for trading opportunities. If you want to know the kind of outcomes the robot can generate, then you can track its live daily results from FXBlue.

XXL Real Profit: characteristics

The features of the EA are listed in this section:

  • It works on different account types, including micro, mini, standard, and ECN accounts.
  • It is easy to use. 
  • No risky strategies such as the grid and martingale approaches are applied. 
  • Runs on the MT4 terminal.
  • XM is the recommended broker.

Currency pairs, strategy, and timeframe

  • The robot supports three main currency pairs; AUDUSD, EURUSD, and GBPUSD. 
  • The timeframe used is unknown.

XXL Real Profit relies on inner indicators to assess the markets and trade. As per the vendor, the EA also applies other strategies such as price action, money management, trend line, support and resistance, and many others. Unfortunately, none of the aforementioned approaches is discussed in depth. 

XXL Real Profit trading performance

The vendor has not included the robot’s backtest results in the sales pitch. This is disappointing. Backtesting is a vital part of creating a lucrative and successful trading strategy. Its outcomes can also help to determine whether a trading method will yield good returns on a live account over a prolonged period or not. 

Live trading statistics.

This live account on FXBlue was opened in November 2021 and deposited at $750. The EA made losses throughout December,and only began generating profits in January. Even then, the profit amounts have been small. As you can see, the cumulative gain is only $23.16. Subsequently, the balance has increased to $773.16. The loss is -$6.68, while the free margin is $754.96.  

Risk of ruin.

The total return (2.2%) is low, and so is the profit factor (1.10). Clearly, the EA struggles to make profits. The robot has traded for 56 days, and on average, it carries out 1.2 trades daily. As a result, 68.7% of the trades have been successful. The peak drawdown is -8%. 

Number of trades.

The system mainly trades on the GBPUSD currency pair. 

Monthly returns from November 2021 to January 2022.

January has the highest return rate so far. 

Risk of ruin.

The probability of losing the account is 2.3%. This means that the EA’s trading activities are safe. On average, the system has a higher chance of losing a trade than winning it. This is made obvious by the average loss (-$11.43) that is twice higher than the average win — $5.72. There is a risk/reward ratio of 0.62. On its worst week, the system made a loss of -$29.35 and a profit of $1.77 on its worst month. 

How much does it cost?

The vendor does not indicate the cost of the robot. This information is needed to help traders interested in the system to know its worth.  

Reviews from customers

The only review for this robot on FPA was written in 2018. Based on the screenshot we have posted below, you can see that this individual was dissatisfied with the tool. He revealed that the robot caused him to lose money. As you may already know, we cannot rely on one review to determine customer experience. Furthermore, we prefer to use the most recent feedback because it gives us a clearer picture of how a system is currently working for users. 

User feedback.

Should you use XXL Real Profit EA?

Easy to useLow rate of profitability
Low risk of ruinMakes more losses than wins
Can work on different account typesBacktest results are not provided
Pricing details are unavailable


XXL Real Profit is easy to use, works with low risks, and supports various account sizes. However, its cost is unknown. Also, the robot generates small earnings and tends to incur more losses than wins. Lastly, the lack of backtest results makes it impossible to gauge how the system’s strategy performs on historical data.