XTB is a global CFD broker headquartered in London and Warsaw. It was founded in 2002 and has provided brokerage services worldwide for almost two decades.

It is regulated by relevant authorities worldwide, including the UK Financial Conduct Authority. The broker is also listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. 

The company’s long and successful work and oversight by the relevant authorities and listing on the exchange have made it a reliable trading option for new and experienced traders.

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How to start trading with an XTB broker?

How to start trading with an XTB broker?

You can open an account in just five minutes. The process is relatively fast and involves the following steps.

Step 1: Log in to the official website and click the Create Account button.

Step 2: Fill out the registration form that pops up.

Step 3: Verify your identity.

Step 4: Receive login details.

Step 5: Fund the account and start trading.

To start trading log into your account and find the tool you want to use. Then enter the amount and type of the order you wish to place, the order time limit (if any), the stop loss and take profit percentage, and click either buy or sell. The order will be completed almost instantly. 

Customer support at the XTB broker

Customer support at the XTB broker

You can contact customer support by phone, email, or live chat to answer all your questions quickly. While the chat on this platform is very effective and sets them apart from most competition, it is not very well suited to solving complex or complex questions you may have. 

The phone and email support can help you with requests of any complexity, but it can take a little longer than a live chat. XTB’s customer support team is available 24/7 and is ready to answer any questions you may have.

Year of foundation 

The brokerage company XTB Group Limited pioneered in the financial trading industry in 2002, envisioning offering FX trading and CFDs on a wide range of markets. The broker diversified its products and services and extended roots to many regions through time.


The broker is formally licensed by five leading regulatory agencies. XTB is a low-risk brokerage company. List of regulators:

  • Financial Conduct Authority.
  • CySEC, Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.
  • Belize International Financial Services Commission under license number.
  • Polish Securities and Exchange Commission and Financial Supervision Authority.
  • CNMV – National Commission for the Securities Market.

Broker’s awards

Broker’s awards

The broker has a number of significant awards, including:

  • Best customer service by ForexBrokers.com in 2021.
  • Best Forex Broker for Low Costs by Investopedia in 2021.
  • Best Polish Forex Broker by Investment Cuffs in 2019.
  • Broker in Europe award by Global Banking & Finance Review.
  • Best Financial Teacher by World Finance Exchange Brokers.

Key broker features 

The charting and analysis tools available on the platform can be divided into two categories: 

  • Available on the xStation5 trading platform 
  • Those that can be accessed through the Market Analysis section on the website 

The platform provides you with trading ideas 

Such ideas can be easily found in the news stream on the site. They are based on short-term technical analysis and can be sorted by the specific asset. 

Fundamental platform data 

The data are suitable for quick analysis, but they cannot be used for complete analysis. You can easily access relevant metrics and data, such as viewing the P/E ratio or the company’s debt to equity ratio. Still, there are no functions here that would allow you to view the company’s financial statements. 

Charting tools 

These tools depend on the asset classes you are trading. If some forex tool is not available on the xStation5 platform, you can always use the MT4 trading platform. 

Market coverage

XTB is a multi-asset platform that allows you to trade with various instruments. We will discuss in detail below the various asset classes you can trade on XTB and each type’s general and specific features. 

Forex trading

XTB Broker - Forex trading
  • The broker boasts some of the most extensive sets of currency pairs available in the market.
  • The platform has options for trading major, minor and even some exotic currency pairs. 

In addition to this, the broker is also known for its highly competitive Standard and Pro account spreads. They allow you to trade currency pairs with some of the lowest fees in the industry. 

Stock trading 

XTB Broker - Stock trading 
  • The platform also allows you to trade and invest in stocks. 
  • You can do this in two ways: buy the underlying stock or trade CFDs on stocks. 
  • If you want to trade or invest in real underlying stocks, you will have to pay a commission for every trade you make. 
  • On the other hand, stock CFDs can only be traded using spreads. Trading CFDs will also allow you to use leverage, and the amount of leverage will depend on the market and the collateral you choose to trade. 
  • The broker lets you choose from various stocks and markets that you can trade or invest in, giving traders more variety. 

Indices trading

XTB Broker - Indices trading

You can also invest in indices and ETFs through the XTB broker. 

While the fees are slightly higher than the industry average, XTB makes up for index diversity. For example, you can invest in several different types of indices. For starters, you can invest in standard stock indices and industry indices. You can also invest in portfolios and indices that industry professionals manage. 

Trading CFDs 

XTB Broker - Trading CFDs 
  • The platform also allows you to trade commodity CFDs. 
  • The platform features 22 commodities ranging from precious metals (such as gold and silver) to other essential commodities (oil and natural gas). 

Commissions for CFD trading can be a combination of spreads, commissions, or both. Broker also allows you to trade using leverage. One of the downsides of using XTB to trade commodities is that you won’t choose which leverage you want to use for each trade. Instead, all your trades are framed with the default leverage provided by the platform. 

Cryptocurrency trading 

XTB Broker - Cryptocurrency trading 
  • The broker also differs from most other CFD trading platforms in that it allows you to trade cryptocurrency CFDs. 
  • The platform offers over 25 different cryptocurrency options, from BTC to other altcoins such as ETH, ADA, etc. 
  • Despite the low spreads, you will have to pay a commission for trading cryptocurrencies through XTB. 

ETF trading

XTB Broker - ETF trading
  • For users in some world areas, the broker also provides the ability to trade stocks rather than CFDs. 
  • XTB includes access to over 7,800 stocks and 150 ETFs for these accounts. 

Trading platforms 

XTB Broker - Trading platforms 

Overall, user feedback on using the platform has been very positive. When trading with XTB, you can use the web, desktop or mobile app. You can also choose from two platforms: 

  • xStation5 
  • MT4 

Since xStation5 has many features that you will need for trading and analysis, most market participants choose it. Some traders choose the MT4 platform if they only want to trade using automated trading strategies or trading signals and bots. The xStation5 platform is available in various languages ​​from Arabic and Polish to Japanese and Korean. 

While the platform looks designed for experienced traders, it is relatively easy to navigate and use. The platform’s user interface is designed to be comfortable even for beginners. You can also customize the platform according to your requirements and preferences. The platform provides a regular login option, but two-step authorization is unavailable. The search function also allows you to search by asset class. 

For example, if you are looking for Apple, you will see Apple stocks, CFDs, and the various options and futures contracts available to Apple. The platform also allows you to place several types of orders. This includes different types of orders such as market order, limit order, stop-limit order, trailing stop order, etc. 

You can also place orders on several types of time limits, for example: 

  • GTC
  • IOC
  • Daily order 
  • One week or month
  • Until the end of the week, month, year 

Trading accounts

Generally, brokers with maximum available account types can attract many traders, but service quality is another factor investors should consider.

XTB Broker - Trading accounts
XTB Broker - Trading accounts

What else should you know about the XTB broker?

In conclusion, it should be noted that the trading platform is one of the most reliable and secure platforms for investors and traders of all experience levels and also has a variety of asset classes to trade. The trading platform and its functionality are virtually unmatched, and it also has low spreads and low commissions when trading stocks and currency pairs. 

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