Scotland’s Castle Craig, in Edinburgh, Scotland, boasts itself as the world’s first cryptocurrency addiction treatment center, according to a report by New York Post on Friday.

  • The center was founded in 1988 as a rehabilitation center for all types of addicts, the clinic has expanded into a niche for “crypto addiction”, mainly, gambling.
  • Staff therapist Anthony Marini, aged 56 years old, a recovering gambling addict of 16 years told that it can be challenging for crypto-obsessed people to admit they are hooked.
  • Addict Steven Elphinstone, aged 49 years, described the hyped state of his addiction that started with simple stock trading a few years ago. In 2015, he went into Bitcoin. By 2019, he became jobless.
  • Elphinstone, a former tunnel miner, claims to have lost hundreds of Bitcoins somewhere in Thailand.
  • Elphinstone’s addiction came from a habit of using drugs such as amphetamines, cannabis, and other drugs to sustain their crypto-vigilance increasing additional risks.

The experience of constantly hooked up to the sudden rise and fall of cryptocurrencies mirrors the addiction observed in most patients in the rehabilitation center. BTC USD down -0.99% .