Two anonymous wallets have moved over $140 million worth of XRP indicating that the investors either plan to hold the asset or trade over the country, according to Whale Alert tracking service.

  • Data revealed that the transaction took place on the XRP blockchain, with two anonymous wallets initially transferring over $70 million worth of XRP between each other.
  • One of the wallets, ending with “KsTqv” was also reported to have transferred another batch worth over $70 million, with transfers from the wallet to the “iJEGb” totaling $147.7 billion.
  • The latest data suggests that there were no recent transactions of the same size, indicating that there is no intention of selling the tokens unless they are sold through an over-the-counter trade.
  • Data from Whale Alert also shows that the wallet acquired $15.7 million worth of XRP from the Binance exchange, which was almost immediately moved to the private wallet. XRP is down 7.75%.