WeTalkTrade acts as a platform for learning about trading for all Forex traders. It also provides signals to assist you in forecasting the movement in the market. Each signal comes with a precise TP and SL on all asset classes. On average, 4-6 signals are sent daily. 

The WeTalkTrade Company creates and sells Forex market products. It was established in 2009 but began offering signals in 2012. Unfortunately, info on the team that is involved in identifying the trading signals is missing. 

WeTalkTrade: characteristics

The service provider offers the following features:

  • A Forex signals app with instantaneous notifications on signal updates and market movements.
  • Copy trading on your MT4/5 account, allowing the signals to be implemented immediately on your account.
  • A simple and elegant UI that is easy to navigate.
  • Economic calendar that provides a variety of economic releases of different nations and their effect on currency pairs. 
  • Signals are posted on all time zones. 

Currency pairs, strategy & timeframe

The signals work on all currency pairs, although most of them focus on all EUR pairs, USD pairs, and other major pairs. The timeframe used to trade these signals is not indicated. We don’t know if they work best on short or long timeframes or both.

We have no idea what strategy the vendor uses to pick out signals that they supply to traders. We believe customers would be interested in knowing how the team approaches the market. This way, they can settle knowing that the signals are not selected randomly without a clear plan. 

WeTalkTrade trading performance

Backtest results are not presented in the sales pitch. Maybe the devs didn’t test the efficiency of the service on historical data. So, it’s unclear if it works or not. 

This vendor purports that the signals they offer have an 80% accuracy rate and can hence generate profits for you. But there is a problem. The professionals have not presented statistics to prove their claim. 

How much does it cost?

Pricing plans.

WeTalkTrade signals can be accessed for free by basic members. But if you want hassle-free copy trading, a higher success trade, and 24/7 live support, then you are invited to purchase the premium pack at $79.99/m. We feel that this price is excessive for a signal service. 

Reviews from customers

We found several customer reviews for this company on Trustpilot. Unfortunately, most of the testimonials on the signals are negative. According to one of the clients, the signals have a 58% win rate, which is a huge contrast from the promised 80% accuracy rate. Another one discloses that the service generated 40 pips per week for him and not 2000 pips monthly as claimed by the vendor. A satisfied customer indicates that he used the signals for 8 months and was impressed with them. 

Negative customer review.
Negative user review.
Positive customer review.

Should you use WeTalkTrade?

Free subscription planNo information about the strategy used
Offers a Forex signals appDissatisfied clients
Lack of live trading data
Backtest results are missing


WeTalkTrade offers a Forex signals app that ensures you get notified on signal updates and movements in the market. The free subscription gives you the chance to test the efficiency of the service first before investing. Even then, you need to take into consideration what customers have said about the company. They have revealed that the signals are not lucrative as the vendor would want us to believe.