Forex signal services have made it easier for Forex traders. With accurate signals, it is possible to see huge returns. However, not all such services are reliable. Waw Forex Signals system is one such service that boasts of unbeatable performance, quality signals, and an account service that does not need VPS. 

Waw Forex Signals presentation

The About Us page mentions this provider to be a leader in Forex signal service with a team of technical and fundamental analysts. However, no details are provided about the creator or the location.  

As part of our review process, we look into all aspects of a trading service including the vendor information, trading results, strategy, backtests, and a few others. For general recommendations on choosing the best robot/signal provider have a look at our best Forex robots/signals list.

Waw Forex Signals: Characteristics

This signal providing service claims to provide quality manual signals that are developed and managed by experienced analysts. It also explains the use of technical and fundamental analysis for generating the signals. 

No other info is provided by the site regarding the working of the system. And, when we tried using the FAQ section to get answers regarding the strategy, recommendations, and other details, the section does not work. 

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe

This signal provider guarantees a monthly pip count of 400 to 1500 pips. All short- and long-term trading signals are directly copied to the trading account of the user. So, this is a fully hands-free system according to the developer. 

We reviewed the features, pricing, method of trading, and a few other aspects and found this system to be lacking in many ways. Here is a breakdown of our findings regarding this signal provider system

Waw Forex Signals features

Feature highlights of this system include reliable service provided by experienced and professional Forex traders, trade signals provided on all currency pairs, a fast copier, and a hassle-free system. 

Other highlights include fully hosted account service, customized risk management, and lot size customization feature and compatibility with MT4, MT5, FXCM, LMAX, and cTrader platforms. 

There is nothing new regarding the features provided except for the no VPS fully hosted service. When compared to its competitors, this signal provider does not measure up well. 

Unlike Forex robots, which are automated trading systems, this signal provider is a manual system that is managed by experienced analysts. The copier service copies all trades directly to the trading account of the user, which you can verify from any place. This copier system is a new addition, but we do not know how effective it will be compared to the automated trading systems.

Waw Forex Signals claims to generate around 3 to 8 signals on an average per week. A winning ratio of 76% and a strong money management strategy are assured by the developer. However, there is no data on the specific strategy used for the signal generation except for the mention of using technical and fundamental analysis. This is pretty basic and does not divulge the precise strategy used. 

Waw Forex Signals Trading Performance

As a signal provider with the best signal copier service, Waw Forex Signals is not a service that you can rely on. This is because we could not find any verified trading results on the site. 

Except for the details such as the guaranteed pips, winning ratio, and the number of signals provided per week, we were unable to glean info regarding the performance of the signals. 

There is just mention of free signals being provided on a free telegram channel. We would in general prefer accounts that are verified on reputed sites such as Myfxbook, FxBlue, etc. Such sites are trusted third parties that aid in proper review findings. 

Waw Forex Signals Waw Forex Signals Trading Performance

How much does it cost?

Waw Forex Signals price

Different pricing plans are available for this service and they include a monthly plan costing $55, a 3-month plan costing $144, and a 6-monthly pack that costs $234.

The main difference lies in the subscription duration, while all other features and perks are similar for the three packages. With competitors offering lifetime plans at a nominal price, this service is considerably expensive.

Reviews from customers

We found a few user feedbacks on the Trust Pilot site. The screenshots shown below indicate the trades are not done on all currency pairs as the vendor claims and one user mentions no trades are being done.

Waw Forex Signals reviews from customers
Waw Forex Signals reviews from customers

Should You Use Waw Forex Signals?

No separate VPS requiredDoes not explain strategy clearly
Trade copier featureUnverified trading results
Manual analysts’ information is not provided
Price is expensive


In conclusion, after reviewing all the pertinent aspects of this signal service we find it is not a dependable system. The system fails to meet our important criteria such as verified trading results, trading approach explanation, and vendor transparency. 

Without verified results, evaluating the performance of the service is difficult. The vendor does not offer any information related to the developer team, their location, and the strategy used. Hence, we find this system lacks authenticity. 

Furthermore, user feedback are not promising and shows that the trades are not as effective as the vendor claims. Hence, we do not recommend this signal providing service.