Wall Street Academy, an FX mentorship from Founder of Forever In Profit, Quillan Black. Wall Street Academy is home of the most effective educational platform for learning how to trade in the Forex Market, also known as the currency market.

According to the vendor/creator of this software, he worked a low-paying job for three years in the US, investing his meager earnings into a trading account. According to him, he got into forex full-time in 2015 and that was what changed his life forever. So to help other new traders, he founded the Wall Street Academy to teach and train newbies on how to trade forex. He further states that his ForeverInProfit program, taught by the academy, now has 2,300 students. He even features several “profitable” Myfxbook results and several testimonials on his website.

So with all what has been said by Mr Black, the question is: can his training program be trusted or is it one of the numerous scams out there? We examine the Wall Street Academy and come up with our findings below.

Wall Street Academy: To Trust or Not to Trust?

With all the claims made by the developer, we once again have to report that the Wall Street Academy program for trading forex is one that cannot be trusted, for a variety of reasons. These reasons are discussed below.

1. Inconsistent Trading Results

Quillian Black posted two results from Myfxbook showcasing the outcomes of trading done with the Wall Street Academy methods. To the uninitiated, these look very genuine. However, we can boldly say here that these results are not indicative of any success from using the Wall Street Academy’s records. The facts of the matter are these. Firstly, there are several instances of real accounts on Myfxbook that use the methods taught by Wall Street Academy. Secondly, there is a mixed picture. Some of the results shown on Myfxbook for Wall Street Academy paint a very different picture from what Mr Black is painting. Indeed, some of the software show very poor trading results. An instance is shown below:

As you can see from the snapshot, this account has lost 50% of its value. If this is a representation of the Wall Street Academy, then it is not a very good representation. The true situation is that the results of trading using the ForeverInProfit product of Wall Street Academy are mixed and unpredictable. This makes it unsuitable for long-term use, as accounts are more likely to be blown.

2. Negative User Reviews

Reviews on Wall Street Academy are generally negative. Some users have a neutral review, but those who wrote negative reviews pulled no punches in describing the ineffective trading outcomes that their trading accounts were subjected to.

These two reviews say all that needs to be said about this software. If it does not work, it simply is not good enough.

3. Fake Testimonials

The Wall Street Academy website features a lot of testimonials. However, there is no proof that any of these testimonials are real, or that they were posted by verified actual trainees of the Wall Street Academy. There are no faces attached to the names and no contact channels. So there is no way to even contact those who supposedly posted these reviews to verify them.


It is pretty clear that there are enough grounds not to trust this software. Data from Myfxbook show mixed and unreliable performances of this forex EA, which leave a lot to be desired. So for these reasons, we declare that Wall Street Academy’s programs cannot be trusted. Certainly not worth paying thousands of dollars for.