Volatility Forex Robot banks on volatility to make profits. According to the vendor, the system battles market volatility using channel breakouts. The goal is to turn highly volatile currency pairs into high pip yielding pairs. 

The author of this robot is Forex Robot Trader (FRT). The company was founded in 2006 by an individual known as Don Steinitz. Over time, he worked with several programmers highly skilled in the mql code to grow the organization and develop tools for trading. Some of the systems created to date include Odin, Vader, Falcor, HAS, Pterodactyl, Hedge, etc. 

Volatility Forex Robot: characteristics

The robot has the following features:

  • Comes with customizable text, color objects, and robot inputs (such as “moving average modes” and “applied price types”)
  • Works on the MT4 terminal
  • Has an in-built automatic money management system
  • Incorporates optional trailing stop loss capabilities
  • Works with 4 or 5 broker digit pricing automatically
  • Includes all custom indicators, templates, and expert advisors
  • Allows you to close out any trade manually without interfering with the system
  • The volatility channel custom indicator is drawn on a similar chart as the robot for full transparency

Currency pairs, strategy, & timeframe

Volatility Forex Robot supports all Forex currencies and all timeframes. The trading strategy used by this robot is purely driven by volatility. As per the vendor, the robot uses the ATR (average true range) indicator to draw a line at the highest high of the past N number of bars and the lowest low of the same. The lines create a way for the channel breakout strategy to trade breakouts in either direction. 

The indicator also determines the Channel Stop, which is adaptive to present market conditions because it changes with trendiness and volatility. When the market is highly volatile and higher trendiness is present, the Channel Stop is further away from the market. The opposite is true when volatility and trendiness are lower. In essence, the channel stop enables the robot to know when to initiate trades. 

Volatility Forex Robot trading performance

Backtest results are missing. The vendor has acted unwisely by downplaying this data. It is well known that backtesting plays a vital role in testing the workability of a trading strategy. The outcomes achieved after this test can be used to ascertain whether the strategy the robot applies has a predictive value or not. Serious traders also use the results to decide whether to invest in the trading tool or not. 

We don’t have credible live trading results for this system. The robot has not been used to trade an account on any of the verified third party sites such as FXBlue or Myfxbook. What we have is a backtest-like report such as the one shown below. 

Live trading results for January 2022.

The vendor implies that since the robot started trading a few years ago, it has accumulated a profit of $3947832.47. The total net profit obtained in January alone is $20141.60. This is after the EA completed 227 trades and won 77.97% of them. Another claim is that minimal risks are involved in trading as we only have a maximum drawdown of 0.01%. The average profit trade is $139.81, while the average loss trade is -$92.12. 

How much does it cost?

You can buy this Forex robot on its official site at a discounted price of $49. Unfortunately, the vendor doesn’t offer a money-back guarantee for anyone dissatisfied with the product. 

Reviews from customers

We could not find any customer reviews for this robot on Forex Peace Army or any other credible verification sites like Trustpilot and Quora. Therefore, we don’t know if traders have used the tool and their experiences with it. 

Should you use Volatility Forex Robot?

Fair pricingZero feedback from clients
Trading strategy is explainedNo backtest results
Customizable featuresUnverified live trading data


Volatility Forex Robot is fairly priced and comes with some customizable features that make it possible for traders to set the EA according to their preferences. Since info on the trading strategy is available, you can know exactly how the system will find trades for you. However, with no verified live trading stats, it is impossible to ascertain how efficiently the robot works in the real market.