Vigorous EA is a robot programmed to conduct trades automatically. It was developed by Ryan Brown, the founder of He claims that the bot has the ability to make profits everyday and can carry out up to 11 trades in a day. The system which has been in operation since 2005 has supposedly made over 65,000 trades. The forecasted profit in a month is between 1% and 3% with default settings, with the average monthly profit being 1.66%. The robot’s win streak is 3 months in a row and has been sold 196 times. 

Vigorous EA: Characteristics

The system carries out trades only on the larger time-frame trend. It usually identifies the best places the user can take fast 3-9 scalp trades within the plunges of the larger trend. The EA features the following:

  • Works on the MT4 trading platform
  • Fully automated
  • The recommended starting account size is $5,000
  • The recommended leverage is 250:1
  • Flex-grid money management

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe

The EA trades on the EURUSD currency pair and trades only with the larger time-frame trend. It uses the grid strategy. This entails placing several buy and sell stop orders with preset intervals above or below the current price in the market. The goal is to gain profits from small changes in price and making a fast profit off reselling. The EA also uses the martingale strategy. This approach focuses on doubling the size of the trade each time a trader faces a loss. 

Vigorous EA Trading Performance

Below is a screenshot of the EA’s backtesting results:


The system operated from Jan 03, 2005 to March 03, 2021, and during this period it managed to grow the account by 2458.24%. It was able to increase a deposit of $5,000 to $127,912.07 within 16 years. The daily and monthly profits were 0.05% and 1.66% respectively. The monthly profit figure supports the developer’s claim that the EA makes between 1% and 3% profit in a month. Notably, both the daily and monthly profits were very small. The drawdown which was 52.86% is very high. It illustrates the account’s escalated risk of making losses. 

VIGOROUS EA trading results

From the screenshot above, it is evident that the account has been able to make a profit of $341 .33 for the user from a deposit of $5,000. This represents a 6.83% gain. The monthly profit which is 1.54% backs up the developer’s assertion that the system is capable of making an average monthly profit of 1.66%. However, the profit generated is very small. The drawdown stands at 13.90%. 

VIGOROUS EA advanced statistics

Clearly, the EA has carried out 1266 trades so far, and has managed to attain win-rates of 70% for longs and 69% for shorts. These results are not good. They indicate that the account’s profitability rate is low. The EA has made 75.2 pips. The average win is 4.95% while the average loss is 11.47 pips. The average loss is way higher than the average win, an indication that the account’s risk of making losses is high. The profit factor is 1.46. A user does not stand a chance of getting significant returns from money invested. This is because for every dollar invested, a user can expect to get back only about a dollar. 

VIGOROUS EA trading results

From the trade history results above, it is clear that the gains are less than 1% and hence very small. The results also show that a combination of grid and martingale strategy was applied. 

How much does it cost?

Vigorous EA is priced at $397. However, the developer does not indicate if the EA comes with a money-back guarantee. Therefore, we assume that a trader cannot get back their money if they are dissatisfied with it. The EA is not worth the money. 

Reviews from customers

Customer reviews on the robot are lacking. We were unable to find user testimonials on the product on Forex Peace Army, Trustpilot and myfxbook sites. The developer does not provide user testimonials as well. For this reason, we could not determine whether traders are satisfied with its performance or not. 

Should you use Vigorous EA?

Fully automatedHigh drawdown
Offers customer supportVery small profit gains
Uses the martingale strategy
Customer feedback is lacking


We advise against purchasing this product. It is associated with a very high drawdown which augments the trader’s risk of losing money. The EA also applies the martingale strategy, a very risky approach that can cause a user to make losses that can be disastrous to the account. The profits gained are very small and money back guarantee is not offered. In general, investing in the system would be very risky for the trader.