This recently launched expert advisor claims it can generate stable profit without making losses. Its goal is to automate our trading with a strategy that is ‘safe and profitable’. Its developers try to convince us that their MT4 tool can work like clockwork, generating stable monthly income and providing ‘extraordinary’ trading success. How trustworthy are their aggressive claims? Is there any reason to trust them? What about the efficacy of the trading platform? Is it worth its price? Find out the answers and much more details in our Very Well Trader review.

Very Well Trader presentation

Very Well Trader: Characteristics

We have gathered up all the necessary for traders information in this list:

  • The robot works on EURUSD, GBPUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY on the scalping M5 timeframe
  • The system has a broker stealth feature that allows hiding SL and TP levels from broker
  • Lot sizes are proportional to account size  
  • The devs claim their EA works like a ‘clockwork’
  • The vendor makes us sure their robot can generate stable profit every month without making any loss
  • No need for human intervention, as the EA works fully automatically on the terminal
  • The robot is compatible with any broker
  • The vendor says he provides ‘fast and best’ support
  • The robot is equipped with a money management feature, which calculates Entry and Exit points automatically
  • The system uses tight and wave stop loss technology to prevent keeping traders’ accounts in huge drawdowns to maintain profits
  • It works in specific market conditions. If all conditions align, the EA will make a trade
  • The robot comes with a money-back guarantee
  • The developers claim they have over 15 years of trading experience
Very Well Trader presentation

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe

The vendor failed to provide detailed trading strategy information. However, we know that the robot works on the M5 timeframe. Thus, we may say the EA uses the Scalping approach for trading.

Very Well Trader Trading Performance

The dev failed to provide backtesting results on their website. Thus, we can’t analyze the efficacy and accuracy of the trading strategy the EA used in the past. However, the Very Well Trader team shares live trading results verified by

This trading account was launched on November 10, 2020, and deposited at 3000 dollars. The robot works on the Real USD account. For 92 days of trading, Very Well Trader has brought over 13K dollars of profit. Its margin in use is 202, 79.

Very Well Trader trading results

Its total gain is 433, 7%, monthly return is 70,4% and weekly average return equals 13,5%. The peak drawdown was -0,1%. Its profit factor is high – 4,70. The average win-rate is 72.2%. It trades 15 trades per day. The robot trades 4 currency pairs: AUDUSD, EURUSD, GBPUSD, and USDJPY. The most frequently traded and the most profitable currency pair is GBPUSD – 40,1% (533 trades), $3, 381, 68 of profit.

Very Well Trader trading results

EURUSD has the highest profit factor – 3,36.

Very Well Trader trading results

For over 3 months of trading, the EA has closed 1378 trades and won 995 out of them, which represents 72%. Its average loss in pips is 2,5 times higher than the average win: -30, 18 vs 13, 80.

Very Well Trader trading results

Its risk to the reward ratio is 1.52. The average trading length is 25 hours and 10 minutes. An average win is 16.60 when an average loss is -9,17. The risk of ruin is high – 49, 7%.  It is too dangerous for trading.

Very Well Trader trading results

It uses 3 trading strategies:

Very Well Trader trading results

The highest trading activity the EA was in January 2021. It has brought $5, 501, 64 of profit. It is a great thing to see that the profit factor is going higher (2,15) than it was at the beginning.

Very Well Trader trading results

How much does it cost?

There are three packages to choose from. Each of them includes lifetime access, 24/7 customer support, and free updates. Their price ranges between $149 – $299. ‘Standart’ package, the less expensive one, includes 2 licenses (1 for Demo and 1 for a Real trading account). ‘Popular’ package is available to buy for $249 and offers 2 Demo and 2 Real licenses. The most ‘expensive’ package is ‘Private’. It is sold for $299 and offers 8 licenses (4 for Real and 4 for Demo accounts).

Very Well Trader price

All packages include a 30-day money-back guarantee.

These packages can be purchased via Click2Sell. It is a safe payment way, as it provides a digital money-back guarantee.

Very Well Trader. packages can be purchased via Click2Sell

Reviews from Customers

The vendor did not provide any customer reviews on their website. We’ve decided to conduct additional research and find customer reviews on third-party websites: Quora, Trustpilot, MQL5, and FPA. Unfortunately, we find nothing to analyze. It is odd for an EA with that profitability and trading frequency.

Should You Use Very Well Trader EA?

Live trading results providedNo backtest results
Affordable pricingUndisclosed setting details
30-day money-back guaranteeLack of vendor transparency
High-frequency trading
No customer review provided


This Scalper expert advisor provides stable income by frequent trading. Although it has shown impressive trading results, its trading approach is quite risky, as its risk of ruin is close to 50%. The absence of vendor transparency, backtest results, setting details, money management advice, trading strategy details are the other drawbacks of this trading platform. Taking into account that it is a newly added EA and that its trading results are 92 days old, it is too early to judge the robot. We’d like to monitor it and see how good it will be in 3 months.