Vantage Point X has got a “very hard to work with” presentation. It starts with a statement that there’s a myfxbook account. Clinking on the link, we see this:

Vantage Point X

We’ve got no linked account. Having gone back to the member’s core we’ve found that there’s at least one account life.

Vantage Point X Myfxbook

The robot itself has been introduced as the first AI EA ever existed that has got an 85% level of accuracy and support for all major pairs.

The presentation goes to a block about importance of auto trading and link on an “About Us” page.

Vantage Point X About Us

As we can see, the link goes nowhere.

Running Vintage Point X is set on three features: reliability, trade frequency, easy to use.

Vantage Point X results There are results we should rely on, according to the devs intel.

The robot has hot Stealth Mode and supports ECN brokers.

Vantage Point X supports

The “Services” link goes nowhere as well.

Other intel and backtests

A list of trusted brokers warn us so much

Vantage Point X list of trusted brokers Where are well-known brokerage companies like IC Markets, FX Open, and others?

On the page where backtest results should be placed, we see just screenshots

Vantage Point X Backtesting

Vantage Point X Trading Performance

Vantage Point X Myfxbook

It’s a very young real GBP account. The robot works through IC Markets broker that was not in the list of trustful brokers. The robot trades with 1:200 leverage on the MetaTrader 4 platform.

Since September 2019, the robot could provide +345% of the account gain, trading with extremely high risks and overwhelmingly high level or drawdowns (88.68%). The monthly gain is 27.6%. 

Trades with risk like that on the very weak EA is madness… and how it looks like

Vantage Point X statistics 9 open deals will bring about -57% of the account balance. So, we’re seeing how the robot halves the account. There probably SL level has been set on -1000 pips if we on several deals overcame -500 pips. So, -57.3% it’s not the end.

Vantage Point X advanced statistics

The robot has been performed 608 deals with 2786 pips. The average win 13.36GBP is half time lower than the loss is 19.99GBP. The average win-rate is 75% across the longs/shorts. The profit factor is 2.08.

Vantage Point X advanced statistics Vantage Point X tried to work with gold but no avail.

Vantage Point X statistics  

The risk level is extremely high.

People feedback

The presentation provides some positive feedback, but we check Trustpilot because we’ve seen screens from it the presentation.

Vantage Point X People feedback

Yeah, there are many comments from people just with one review posted like this:

Vantage Point X People feedback


The robot has got five packages

Vantage Point X Pricing

So, for $250 we’ll get 3 months license, for $500 12 months license, and for $1000 one lifetime license.

The devs don’t provide demo accounts and free updates.

Vantage Point X Pricing

As well, there are two more packages. Vantage Point X – Elite for $2000 is not clickable. 

Vantage Point X

For $1500 we’ll get something that no one knows.

Is Vantage Point X Scam?


  • Life account trading results


  • Lack of strategy explanations
  • Lack of setting explanations
  • Lack of packages explanations
  • Lack of info about devs
  • Lack of features explanations
  • Fake people feedback
  • Fake backtests
  • Good-for-nothing list of suggested brokers
  • Trading with impossible risks
  • Extremely high drawdowns
  • There are open trades that have already halved the account
  • Madness price
  • No demo accounts provided
  • No free updates
  • No money-back guarantee

Is Vantage Point X Scam? The answer is: “Yes, it is”. We suggest you avoid this EA. The robot went nuts and slowly but surely zeroes the account balance. When we were going to end the review results looked like:

Vantage Point X statistics

Vantage Point X Myfxbook

So, RIP for the account. Why did it die? The answer probably because something went wrong with a money management system that put SL levels wrong.