Vader Forex Robot is an automated trading system that claims to have generated a total profit of $164,480 for the last 30 days. As per the vendor’s claims, the robot defines aggressive trading and has incredible features. They also claim that it is capable of finding predictable Forex trades on autopilot.

Vader Forex Robot: characteristics

This is a fully automated trading system that looks after each and every aspect of the operation. The seller claims that this EA has more than a thousand users and is the most downloaded Forex trading system of all time. 

Vader Forex Robot is built to trade in 20 pairs. You don’t need to perform any adjustments for this robot to work properly. After downloading the robot, you simply need to drop it on your charts and it will start trading. It is recommended that you load the EA on various charts to enhance your market coverage. It covers the market 24/7 so as not to miss any profit-making opportunities. 

Even if you are a novice trader who doesn’t have much experience in the market, you can comfortably use this robot. It handles all the different aspects like finding signals, initiating trades, mitigating risk, and locking profits. The EA makes it difficult for unscrupulous brokers to cheat users by hiding their take profit and stop loss levels, thus preventing stop hunts. 

Vader calculates the proper lot size based on the equity in your account without any manual intervention. It supports micro, mini, as well as full-sized lots. While using this EA, you can easily read complex charts. You will be able to see the entry points, trend lines, and Fibonacci levels. The system can work in tandem with other robots built by the same company like Reaper and Ganon. 

Currency pairs, strategy & timeframe

Vader Forex Robot trades in several pairs, including those like GBP/CHF, USD/JPY, GBP/CAD, CAD/CHF, NZD/CHF, USD/SGD, NZD/JPY, CAD/CHF, AUD/CHF, EUR/USD, EUR/CAD, etc. The robot manages to find major trades using daily Fibonacci levels as chart thresholds. It uses the Fibonacci levels to locate price support and resistance levels on charts. Also, it uses these levels for entry and exit thresholds and trend signaling. As such, it is capable of determining when the price is changing and how far it will travel. 

Vader Forex Robot trading performance

Growth chart of Vader Forex Robot on the official webpage.

The developer has not shared the verified trading results for this expert advisor. It doesn’t have any live accounts on websites like Myfxbook, FXStat, or FXBlue. Thus, we have no option but to analyze the results presented on the official webpage. We can see that in the month of February, the EA conducted 963 trades, winning 89.41% of them and generating a total profit of $107,663.70.

There have been 36 maximum consecutive wins and 3 maximum consecutive losses for this month. The relative drawdown is 0% while the profit factor is incredibly high at 11.88. 

Trading results of Vader Forex Robot on the official webpage.

Here you can see the recent trades placed during the month of February. The EA trades with a fixed lot size of 1.00. From these results, we can see the profit generated for each trade, the opening and closing prices, opening and closing times, stop loss, take profit, price, commission, taxes, and swap. Most of the traders have been closed in profit, but we can see the occasional heavy loss.

How much does it cost?

The current price of this expert advisor is $79. This makes it one of the cheapest Forex trading systems on the market. The original price is $199, but the vendor offers the product at a discount of 60%. Unfortunately, there is no money-back guarantee for this EA. This means, even if the robot fails to generate profits, you won’t get any of your money back. 

Reviews from customers

We were unable to find any user reviews for this expert advisor after going through third-party websites like Quora, Myfxbook, Forex Peace Army, and Trustpilot. Clearly, this system does not have much of a reputation. Without authentic reviews, we cannot know about the experience of real customers with this system.

Should you use Vader Forex Robot?

Cheaper compared to othersNo authentic trading statistics
No refund policy
No backtesting results


Vader Forex Robot suffers from a lack of transparency. It is an inexpensive trading system but there are no authentic trading accounts where we can see the live performance. The developer has not shared the backtesting data and there are no user reviews on third-party websites.