V12 Trading provides Simply The Best Trading Signals Out There with 3500 pips that we can expect to receive monthly. We don’t know if the vendor owns a system that generates these signals. Probably, this service is just another signal aggregator from various providers.

V12 Trading presentation

V12 Trading: Characteristics

V12 Trading: Characteristics
  • The company has over eight years of Forex trading experience.
  • The signals’ accuracy is up to 88%.
  • Delivering goes through the Telegram channel.
  • Everything we need is executing these signals as orders in our terminal.
  • We are forced to register an account on a BDSwiss broker with their referral link. If so, we have to deposit the account at 250 EUR.
  • If we do it, we can get a one-year subscription for free.
  • We have to download the MetaTrader 4 terminal to place orders.
  • Signals are delivered with the next information: Lot Size advice, Stop Loss, and Take Profit.
V12 Trading: Characteristics
  • If we receive a signal with TP1, TP2, and TP3, we should divide our Lot Size by three and open three positions. If we run a 3000 EUR account, we should open three trades with 0.1 Lot Size. 1st Position: SL –> TP1, 2nd Position: SL –>TP2, 3rd Position: SL –> TP3.
  • The signal frequency is 4-6 signals daily.
  • The optimal leverage is 1:400.
V12 Trading - risk-management
  • The developers provided risk-management advice.
V12 Trading pip calculator
  • There’s a pip calculator that allows us to know how much we can get with a proper Lot Size and account balance.

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe

  • The developers provide signals for all available symbols in MT4.
  • They didn’t provide us with information about a strategy or strategies behind the system. It’s a huge con.
  • We can execute the signals in any time frame we want. It doesn’t matter for profitability.

V12 Trading Trading Performance

V12 Trading Trading Performance

The channel has profit reports for each open trade.

V12 Trading Trading Performance

There are screenshots of someone’s trading.

V12 Trading Trading Performance

The weekly trading report looks like this, with pips gained in total. The last one was closed with +360 pips.

How much does it cost?

V12 Trading price

The signals are sold in three packages: the one-month VIP (49 EUR), the three-month VIP (119 EUR), and the annual VIP (349 EUR).

The packages are featured by:

  • Access to the VIP Telegram channel.
  • 2000-7000 monthly pips.
  • 88% win-rate.
  • The average signal’s frequency is from 4 to up to 12 signals daily.
  • Signals are generated for the next currency pairs and markets: Forex, Oil, Gold, Indices, and Crypto.
  • Every signal has Entry Point, Stop Loss, and up to three Take Profits.
  • There’s no money-back guarantee.
  • The pricing is a good one.

Reviews from customers

The company doesn’t provide people feedback on the site. There are no testimonials around the web, published as well. Some screenshots with profits we have to count as positive feedback from no-name clients.

Should You Use V12 Trading?

There’s a big Telegram channel with over 6608 subscribersThere’s no info about the team
There are free signals for everyoneNo information about strategies provided
Acceptable pricingNo myfxbook-verified trading results provided
There’s a free trial if we register using their referral link on BDSwissNo people feedback provided
Solid signal frequencyNo refund policy provided
High win rate


V12 Trading’s signals we’d place in the middle of the pack. There are pros and cons. From pros, we’d like to notice some free signals that are delivered via the free Telegram channel. It grew twice for half a year, from 3100 to 6608 followers. The cons are that we don’t know anything about analysts or traders who generate these signals. The packs aren’t featured by the money-back guarantee. It’s a huge disadvantage. There are no trading results provided as well. So, as a result, we know nothing about trading strategy and symbols. There’s unclear info about what time the most signals are shown up. It’d be great if the developers provided verified trading results to check all of this.