The United States’ trade deficit continued to widen in June as imports outpaced exports even further, the Bureau of Statistics reported.

  • The goods and services deficit increased by 6.7% to $75.7 billion in June, bringing the year-to-date deficit up 46.4% to $135.8 billion.
  • Imports climbed 2.1% to $283.4 billion. Year-to-date imports were up $286.7 billion or 21.3%. Growth was seen in industrial supplies, travel, and transport. A decline was reported in foods, feeds, and beverages.
  • Exports increased 0.6% to $207.7 billion in June. Year-to-date exports were up $150.9 billion or 14.3%. Increases were reported in industrial supplies and materials and capital goods. Declines were seen in consumer goods and automotive vehicles, parts, and engines.

The three-month average goods and services deficit widened by $0.2 billion to $71.9 billion.