The United States Supreme Court sided with Alphabet Inc.’s Google in the copyright battle with Oracle Corp. over the development of the Android smartphone operating system, WSJ reported.

  • In a 6-2 opinion by Justice Stephen Bryer, the Supreme Court said Google’s copying of some Java application programming interfaces was fair use. This dismissed a lower court ruling for Oracle that found that Google’s Android infringed copyrights on the Java software platform.
  • Oracle accused Google of illegally copying over 11,000 lines of the Java API code to develop Android. It acquired the software when it bought Sun Microsystems Inc. in 2010. The firm earlier sought as much as $9 billion in damages from Google.
  • Oracle said the Google platform was made bigger and its market power greater, making higher barriers to entry and lowering the ability to compete.
  • “This behavior is exactly why regulatory authorities around the world and in the United States are examining Google’s business practices,” Oracle said.
  • Google did not immediately comment on the matter.