U.S. retail investors continue investing money into the markets as most of their favorite meme stocks and cryptocurrencies continue to struggle, according to a report by The Wall Street Journal on Monday.

  • Vanda Research’s VandaTrack stated that in June, retail investors purchased close to $28 billion in stocks and exchange-traded funds, the highest monthly retail investment since 2014.
  • Individual investors have increased with over 10 million new brokerage accounts being opened in the first half of 2021.
  • The desire of retail investors in the stock markets is different from the conservative approach of the professional fund managers on the market’s outlook.
  • Many money managers are still uncertain about future gains due to challenges over inflation and high valuations.
  • Retail investors are still optimistic about possible market pullback, even as their favorite stocks have recently slumped.

In early June, AMC shares dropped by 28% and Dogecoin collapsed by 67%. The individual traders are still ready to adopt the “buy the dip” strategy. Today the biggest “retail trading” winner today is MRIN with +12.52%.