The U.S. ranks 32nd in per-capita vaccine reservations, behind the 27 European Union countries that have preordered in large quantities, according to Bloomberg. Now, the U.S. says it is on course to meet the goal to have enough vaccine doses for any American who wants one by the second quarter of 2021.

  • Despite the U.S. having a deal with Pfizer to buy 100 million doses for its population of about 330 million, it lags behind the EU, which pre-bought 200 million doses for about 450 million people.
  • Moderna shot is the only one the U.S. has made a bigger allotment, with 100 million doses compared to the EU’s 80 million.
  • U.S. officials have said they are in talks to expand vaccine supply and already have hinted Operation Warp Speed has signed contracts with six companies with options for up to three billion vaccine doses.
  • Canada, the U.K., and Australia top the list of the countries with enough vaccine doses reserved to cover their populations several times over.
  • Countries have been buying up rights to multiple vaccine shots as an insurance policy against those that might fail in clinical trials or not produced adequately to meet immediate needs.

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