United Microelectronics Corp. posted double-digit growth in its top line for the month of May, the company announced in a statement.

  • Revenues grew 16.57% to NT$17.189 million from $14.745 million the same month last year.
  • This compares with the 8.78% growth recorded in April when revenues rose to NT$16.382 million from $15.059 million in 2020.
  • Year-to-date revenues climbed 11.93% to NT$80.668 million from $72.072 million in the comparable period the prior year.
  • UMC Co-President Jason Wang in April said market demand will continue to outpace supply in the second quarter.
  • The company’s Board of Directors earlier approved the NT$100 billion expansion of the Tainan Science Park in Taiwan in the second quarter of 2023.
  • UMC earmarked $1.5 billion for its capital expenditure program this year, bulk for procurement of equipment for the Tainan Science Park.
  • Total investment for the park will reach approximately NY$150 billion in the next three years.

UMC: NYSE is down 0.052%.