Unbeatable EA is an FX robot that promises unrivaled performance with its ready-to-use ATS. The vendor claims to provide free trials and other benefits that ensure successful trading. Verified backtests and real account trading results are part of the proof that the vendor provides for claiming a successful performance record. 

Unbeatable EA: Characteristics

Unbeatable EA: Characteristics

As per the vendor info, this FX EA has a simple download and use format that saves plenty of time. Although there is no info on the developer or the team responsible for the development of this FX EA, the vendor claims that the system ensures profitable trading.

Some of the features that ensure profitability include updating via Machine Learning, trading without emotional influence, hassle-free management of trades that reduce stress and promote a good work-life balance, and more. This FX robot is capable of trading multiple instruments using diversified risk which makes it a flexible system as per the vendor.

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe


According to the details present on the official site, this EA uses a market adaptive approach with no long trades. It does not use Martingale or hedge and uses visible TPs and SLs. Fast execution of orders, position-sizing, and responsive support is part of the features of this system. While there is no mention of the currency pairs this EA can trade on, the requirements for using it include a Meta trader account, a minimum of $100 as balance, use of zero spread, ECN, and standard account, and use of HotForex or FBS broker.

Unbeatable EA Trading Performance

Many backtest reports are posted on the site for different currency pairs. But the vendor does not provide the details of the strategy tester reports such as the modeling quality, commission, spread, profitability, etc. Instead, only the net profit, deposit, timeframe, and drawdown values are present. 

Unbeatable EA Trading Performance

In the above image, the backtesting done on the GBPUSD pair using the M15 timeframe has resulted in a net profit value of $7787.3 for an initial deposit amount of $100. The drawdown is 12.78%. There is no mention of the duration of the backtests. The lack of detailed info makes us suspicious of the reliability of this EA.

A live real USD account using the leverage 1:500 and the FBS broker on the MT4 platform is shown by the vendor. Here are screenshots of the results:

UNBEATABLE EA trading results
UNBEATABLE EA trading results

From the above images, we can see the total gain and the absolute profit values are similar at 57.07%. A drawdown of 12.71% is shown for the account which started trading in June 2021 with a deposit of $99. The advanced stats reveal a total of 77 trades with a profitability of 78% and a profit factor value of 3.63. From the trading history, we can see the lot size of 0.01 is used for all the currency pairs.

Comparing the backtest results and the real trading results we can see that the drawdown is similar. Since the backtest report does not reveal details like duration and other info, we are unable to do a complete comparison. Furthermore, the sample size provided is very small and whatever profits are revealed cannot be used to predict future performance. 

How much does it cost?


A combination of FX robot and EA is provided at a $110 per month subscription for traders. The package includes a free trial for seven days, support, and one each of the real and demo accounts. A CopyFX package is also available for which the vendor charges 30% of the profits you make. This package includes no advance or monthly payments and withdrawals can be done weekly or monthly. The vendor offers a 30-day risk-free assurance for the product. Although the money-back assurance is intended to make the system look reliable, the cost per month is very high and we consider it not worth it.

Reviews from customers

We could not find feedback from users of this EA on reputed third-party sites like Trustpilot, Forexpeacearmy, etc. The absence of user reviews indicates this is not a popular product among traders. 

Should You Use Unbeatable EA?

From our evaluation of the backtests, real trading results, and features, we can see that this is not a dependable system. Here are the main pros and cons we identified in the FX EA.

Fully automated trading softwareThe strategy used is not disclosed
30-day money-back policySmall sample size
No user feedback


Unbeatable EA claims to provide unrivaled performance. But from our assessment of the trading results, backtests, and features of this FX robot we can see that this is not a trustworthy system. The small sample size, lack of detailed strategy tester report, and absence of user feedback all indicate that this is a scam site that you should stay away from.