The Ukrainian government is providing a bounty for people with information on the crypto wallet addresses of Russian politicians, according to a report by Beincrypto on Monday.

  • In a tweet, Ukraine’s Minister of Digital Transformation Mykhailo Fedorov requested tip-offs on addresses of crypto wallets of the Russian politicians and for action against war crimes.
  • The tips would be rewarded with a bounty to be paid in crypto-based on the discretion of the politician’s position. The funds will come from private crypto donations in ETH, Bitcoin, and other cryptos.
  • The minister has hired a lawyer, Artem Afian to head the tipoff program. Afian has received nearly 500 tips and is expected to announce a list of politicians’ addresses in the coming days.
  • The government’s target in creating this program is for politicians’ addresses to be identified as “toxic” to discourage transactions involving these addresses and potential blacklisting from major exchanges.

The ongoing crisis in Ukraine is growing the crypto space to the challenges of geopolitical sanctions as it relates to the conduct of Russia. BTC USD up +1.67%