Payrolled employees in the United Kingdom increased for the eighth consecutive month in July, the Office for National Statistics reported.

  • Payrolled employees climbed by 182,000 to 28.860 million in July from 28.678 million in June. This is also 576,000 higher than the 28.284 million recorded the same month last year but remains below pre-COVID-19 levels.
  • The biggest growth in payrolled employees was seen in the administrative and support services sector which climbed by 212,000, while the smallest was recorded in the wholesale and retail sector which dropped by 50,000.
  • The annual growth for the month was highest in Gwynedd, which saw an increase of 6.1%, and was the lowest in Haringey and Islington, with a decline of 0.9%. All age groups saw an increase, with the majority of employees aged younger than 25.
  • The median pay jumped 6.4% from the previous month, and the same when compared with February 2020 before the COVID-19 pandemic. The biggest increase was in the arts and entertainment sector, and the lowest was in the households sector.

Sectors that posted the biggest declines have already started to see a recovery between June and July.