The United Kingdom is looking at deploying the military to address panic buying of fuel which has caused gasoline stations to close down, Bloomberg reported.

  • The government is prepared to bring in the army to assist in the crisis but remains in a wait-and-see mode if the suspension of competition rules would impact prices. 
  • Bringing in the military would be the worst-case scenario, sources close to the matter said, but the current expectation is that the army will not be needed. Ministers will discuss the concerns again later Monday.
  • The announcement comes as fuel stations have been emptied due to panic buying over the weekend, which is expected to last for even more days. Chemical Business Association Chief Executive Tim Doggett predicts that it could take up to a week to replenish the supply.
  • London officials are now coordinating with the Department of Transport to secure supplies for key workers, with Mayor Sadiq Khan indicating that there are enough reserves for emergency services and buses.