U.K’s Competition and Markets Authority will investigate Google’s proposals to remove third-party cookies and other functions from its Chrome browser, according to Reuters. The investigations follow concerns that Google’s move will curb rival’s digital advertising. 

  • The investigation establishes whether Google proposals could cause advertising spend to concentrate on the Alphabet’s Google ecosystem at its competitors’ expense.
  • Google alleges that the technology, dubbed ‘Privacy Sandbox,’ will allow people to receive relevant ads, sustaining the current advertising model without tracking users.
  • “Creating a more private web, while also enabling the publishers and advertisers who support the free and open internet, requires the industry to make major changes to the way digital advertising works”-Google.
  • CMA states that Google’s Privacy Sandbox proposals will potentially impact the publishers like newspapers and the digital advertising market
  • Complaints have been launched by Marketers for an Open Web (MOW), which allege that Google is “abusing its dominant position,” through the proposals.
  • Google welcomes CMA’s involvement even as the competition authority seeks collaboration with Britain’s data watchdog on the investigation.

Google’s stock is currently gaining. GOOGL: NASDAQ is up 2.99%.