Twitter stock has fallen 12% so far in 2021, based on early trading on Thursday, and even slipped below $45.10, its initial public offering price in November 2013. According to Bloomberg, the decision to ban Trump, who had more than 88 million followers, could have negatively impacted users and engagement.

Twitter’s Stock is Below 2013 IPO Price after Trump Account Ban
  • Argus Research speculated that Twitter “could lose several million” daily active users due to Trump’s ban, and “further push Congress to move ahead with its anti-monopoly activities.”
  • Rosenblatt Securities, nonetheless, says the move “all but secures” a “dismal” near-term outlook as it leaves “little room to deliver positive 2021 results.”
  • Twitter stock’s dismal performances in January place it as the weakest among components of the S&P 500 Index, which has gained 2.5% year to date.
  • The stock declines come even as Twitter outperformed, rising nearly 70% last year despite some weak quarterly reports.
  • Many analysts remain optimistic about Twitter’s longer-term prospects, given an improved view for digital advertising.

Twitter is currently declining. TWTR: NYSE is down 1.89%