Regeneron CEO Leonard Schleifer says President Donald Trump’s use of Coronavirus experimental drug builds a tough situation as it has not been available to most Americans, according to CNBC. Trump and the First Lady were given an 8-gram dose of Regeneron monoclonal antibody treatment after testing positive for coronavirus. Company provided the drug to the president in response to “compassionate use” by Trump doctors’ request. 

  • Regeneron takes a principled approach until broader authorization of the treatment.
  • Company wants everybody to potentially benefit from the drug
  • Treatment satisfies FDA’s standards for emergency authorizations, but the company needs to continue collecting controlled clinical trial data to understand it.
  • Treatment reduces viral loads and improves symptoms in mild to moderate non-hospitalized patients, and company plans to “rapidly” discuss early results with regulators.
  • Analysts suggest using Regeneron’s antibody cocktail by Trump, a tacit endorsement of the drug and signal a swift approval by the FDA.

Regeneron stocks rose more than 5% in early Monday trading on announcement. REGN: NASDAQ is up 7.08%.