Trend Signal offers to teach traders how to trade successfully in the Forex market. It particularly provides its clientele with various courses that feature a structured training and education about trading the financial markets including Indices, FX, shares, and commodities. Furthermore, the course modules cover markets, timeframes, strategies and time management. The end goal is to improve the outcome of its customers.

Trend Signal Ltd. is situated in the UK. It was established in 2003, and works with full time traders and IT professionals who are claimed to have a combined experience of more than 90 years. According to the information on its official website, the team behind the different services offered comprises eighteen professionals having varying skill sets. The team leaders include: Jerry Miller, Adrian Buthee, Zoran Vucenovic, and Sam Lewis.

Profiles of Trend Signal’s team leaders.

We commend this vendor for at least making the effort to disclose details about the team it works with. 

Trend Signal: characteristics

Trend Signal is an online Forex course provider. The company has different professionals who are on standby to educate traders who desire to improve their trading skills. The services available are described below:

  • Offers exclusive indicators and expert scanning tools 
  • Teaches traders actionable strategies that are based on rules anyone can follow
  • Offers personal 1 to 1 coaching sessions 
  • Online workshops are available. These sessions assess live trades and gives participants the chance to ask questions and get answers
  • A free trading webinar is offered 
  • Integrates a structured members area that enables traders to follow their trading stats. This section also has videos, course material, interactive tests, manuals and calendars
  • The training programme lasts for a minimum of 6 months

Currency pairs, strategy & timeframe

The vendor admits to using a sniper strategy. However, they do not say anything more about it. Generally, this kind of approach is a trend following scalping method which is to a greater extent sensitive to price changes on the small time frame chart. No wonder the team reiterates that the market scanners they provide helps customers to focus on trades for a few minutes in a day. Nonetheless, we do not know the currency pairs the firm trades with.

Trend Signal trading performance

For a company that boasts of providing a powerful strategy, we feel it has let down its potential traders by not posting live trading statistics and backtest results. The Trend Signal team should have showcased what they have helped their customers achieve by displaying this data. Such tangible evidence could go a long way toward influencing traders to invest with them. 

How much does it cost?

Although the website incorporates lots of information, the price of the trading course is conspicuously missing. This is quite odd and inconvenient. Anyone interested in their services may have to call the support team to ask about the pricing or find out later after filling out the “order a product” form. 

Reviews from customers

There is a section on Trend Signal’s site that is dedicated to testimonials. We have scrutinized it and discovered that most customers are impressed with their services. However, these kinds of reviews are unreliable. Customer feedback on Forex Peace Army portrays a picture of a not so impressed clientele base. From the review, it is evident that the company’s product is ineffective. Most customers complain about the many losses they have incurred while using their services. 

Customer’s review complaining about the product’s inefficiency.
Customer saying that Trend Signal is a ‘waste of time and money.’
Customer on FPA saying that Trend Signal is a ‘clever scam.’

Should you use Trend Signal?

Offers a free trading webinarLive Trading results are absent
Backtest report is missing
Negative customer feedback


We advise you not to use Trend Signal. We cannot ignore customers’ complaints on FPA especially when most are pointing to the ineffectiveness of the company’s trading strategies. Obviously, you can easily join this list of disgruntled clients should you decide to invest with them. It is now clearer to us that the vendor has hidden their live  trading and backtest data because they do not want us to see how poor their performance is.