Automated trading robots that allow traders to employ their own trading strategies are highly desired by experienced forex enthusiasts. The Trading Manager Pro appears to be a lucrative prospect for such applications. The robot will be the focus of this review today.

Comprehensive Review of Trading Manager Pro EA

The Trading Manager Pro website does a decent job of introducing the product to the traders, providing trading results and references. The EA was developed by based in Signal Hill, California. They can be contacted via phone or email, that have already been listed clearly on the website. The developers claim the EA to be an all-in-one meta trader advisor, featuring a suite of modern tools and allowing complete customization of trade. You can also find detailed videos on the use of the robot and its updates on the website. This acts as a decent guide for the traders.

Trading Manager Pro follows a pretty aggressive pricing model. Traders have the option to purchase a starter pack priced at $599 for a year, or a Standard lifetime pack for $997. They can even opt for a professional or platinum package if you wish to have more than one license. While the difference in price between the yearly and the lifetime plan is minimal, traders should be sure to research well before making an investment since the developer does not offer any money-back guarantee. Regardless of the success of the robot, the EA expert is pretty costly.

trading manager pro packages

Highlight Features and Trading Strategy

The developers ensure that the traders have complete flexibility, allowing customization of more than 1000 trading strategies. While the developer states that many trading tools and indicators are incorporated into the forex robot, the tools have not been disclosed on the website. The traders have two trading options when it comes to using the robot – fully automated trade or semi-automated trade. Apart from this, the developer hasn’t provided any other insight on the trading terms like the recommended deposit, etc. This can find many traders confused about the robot. 

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Trading Results of Trading Manager Pro EA

The developer has provided trading results from two Myfxbook accounts. The first account was opened in Jun 2017 and stopped shortly after in August. During this two month period, the account showed a gain of 360% and a drawdown of 42%. Such a huge drawdown is never favorable. The second account has been active since July 2018. Sadly, the track records for this account have not been verified. Though this account shows a gain of 107% with a favorable drawdown of 14%, the results cannot be trusted as they haven’t been verified. 

trading manager pro myfxbook

Since the vendor fails to provide any reliable trading results, the credibility of the robot’s performance cannot be established. 

Customer Reviews

On the website, you can find a few testimonials by satisfied customers. However, the developer does not provide a face to these customers. To justify the credibility of these reviews, we tried to look for more customer reviews online. Even after thorough scrutiny, we failed to find reliable customer testimonials. Due to this, the actual results produced by customers using the robot cannot be understood.


The Trading Manager Pro EA serves as a great tool for those who wish to employ their own trading strategies. However, the performance efficiency of the robot cannot be established as yet and the exact tools available to the traders remain uncertain. Though the developer provides a verified Myfxbook account, the trading results remain unverified, raising suspicion about the reliability of the results. 



Developer Information provided Lack of reliable trading results
Verfied Myfxbook account Unavailability of customer testimonials
Aggressive Pricing

Considering the aggressive pricing of the robot, there are definitely more reliable alternatives available to the traders for a more affordable price. With no chance of getting a return, traders should think well before investing in the robot.