The recent popular hit from the Korean entertainment world “Squid Game” is also proving popular with investors, according to a report by Bloomberg Quint on Monday.

  • The dramatized survival game in the vein of “Hunger Games” currently tops the global rankings on Netflix Inc. and is the first Korean drama to rise to the No.1 spot in the U.S. on the service.
  • Bucket Studio Co., which holds an ownership stake in the agency representing Squid Game’s lead actor Lee Jung-Jae has jumped more than 70% in the last three trading sessions.
  • Showbox Corp.—whose predecessor made an investment in Siren Pictures, soared more than 50% last week before dropping Monday.
  • Analyst Douglas Kim on Smartkarma stated that Bucket Studio is the only indirect beneficiary of “Squid Game,” and Showbox’s connection remains uncertain since Siren Pictures is 100% by its CEO Kim Ji-Yeon.

Korean movie and TV production stocks could outperform over the next 2 to 3 years on global demand for the country’s entertainment content. Bucket Studio up +1.93%, Showbox Corp down -10.38%