Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Cryptocurrency exchanges grew to a whole industry that gives people the ability to trade for profit. It is one of the largest options for digital trading and the ability to invest. At the moment, there are a huge number of exchanges that provide their services around the world.

They allow you to register, open an account, and trade using various strategies. Companies provide advanced charting, access to a large number of assets, margin trading as a result of which each trader can manage his own portfolio according to his own risk tolerance.

Nevertheless, not every secure platform provides comfortable working conditions for people around the world. That is why we have created a list of the most popular and easy to use exchanges that are suitable for most people around the world and have clear rules for registering and trading.

Top 5 Crypto Exchanges For Trading


This cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2017. The main reason for the company’s popularity is a large list of digital assets, convenient trading conditions, and quick withdrawal of funds. The low commission also played a role. The company issued its own currency BNB for internal transactions, which increases the protection of each client’s financial assets. The possibility to earn interest on crypto loans, trade with margin, withdraw and deposit funds in fiat money makes Binance one of the most multifunctional and advanced crypto trading platforms.

This is convenient for those users who are new to digital assets. Users can trade traditional and popular digital assets. The whole leaf counts more than 240 coins. The company’s daily volume on the exchange on February 1, 2019, amounted to $ 376 365 510.

To use all the functions of the crypto exchange, you need to register on the site, verify mail, and send your ID (optional). The company does not announce the list of banned countries. Nevertheless, the user agreement contains information on the possible blocking of users from certain countries as necessary.


It is one of the most used and largest digital exchanges in the world. It is an ideal candidate if you are a beginner in the coin world or expect a simple environment with basic functions. The main feature is that you can order a card issued by Visa. After you fund Coinbase balance you can spend your digital currency everywhere, withdraw funds from ATMs and even track your spending in mobile app  On the contrary, for advanced traders, the platform is highly insufficient, just because of the small number of traded digital coins. The company’s daily volume on the exchange on March 1, 2020, amounted to $150 365 510.

The company was founded in 2012 and offers to exchange 30 cryptocurrencies. To register, you need to specify an email, authenticate and protect your account with passwords. This is one of the most transparent exchanges for legislation as the company collects user data for the payment of pumps. The service operates in 32 countries.


This exchange was created back in 2011 by Jesse Powell, one of the first digital coin enthusiasts. It is one of the few large exchanges that have an impeccable reputation for security. It became the first digital money platform to introduce the Proof-of-Reserves full audit system. It cryptographically checks whether the balances of the users of the exchange coincide with the funds on Kraken wallets. It also offers more than 200 digital coins. As a disadvantage, we’ve noticed lower liquidity and bigger spreads for less popular assets

Registration on the exchange is a fairly standard procedure – you need to go to the exchange website and click the “create profile” button in the upper right corner. To create an account you need to create a password and confirm your mail. Immediately after entering the account, the user will be asked to confirm the phone number. The exchange divides user accounts at different levels of 4, each of which offers additional features, higher limits, and more replenishment and withdrawal options. The company’s daily volume is about $227 732 474.


BitMEX is an international bitcoin exchange that accepts deposits only in cryptocurrencies. Even if you can’t deposit FIAT currencies, you will get one of the most sophisticated platforms you will find on the market. You will discover a plethora of professional trading tools and advanced charting that can take your investment to a new level. It even allows users to buy The China A50 Equity Index futures with bitcoin.

This company was created in 2014 exclusively for trading in BTC and a few other coins. All profits and losses are reported in bitcoins on their platform, even if you trade altcoins.

The company’s daily volume is about $1,000,000,000. To register on the exchange, you need to come up with e-mail, you need to confirm the contact phone number, and set other protection systems. People can use 6 digital coins for trading


This company is one of the newer digital exchanges, which was founded in 2017 with a strong marketing campaign. At present, the stock exchange is based – under the heading OKEx Ltd. – in Valletta, the capital of Malta. In May 2018, it became the largest cryptobourse in the world in terms of token volume traded.

It is possible to trade hundreds of coin pairs in the form of both spot and margin trading or with derivatives here. The exchange platform offers basic and advanced trading orders and is more suitable for advanced traders.

The company’s daily volume is about $1,884,760,694. To register with on the platform, simply enter your e-mail address (or phone number) and password. You will receive a 6-digit code by e-mail or SMS message – after entering it in the form, you will get to the dashboard, where the stock exchange will ask you to insert tokens or purchase them.

In addition to the standard security of user accounts (digital codes for user and funding account, anti-phishing code), it supports users in finding possible security flaws. Operators reward any findings by paying in ethers. You can read detailed information about the security design of the stock exchange here.


These digital coin exchanges were not chosen randomly because the popularity all over the world. Users can easily and quickly register and access the exchange to start trading crypto. Most of the digital coin exchanges presented do not have strict restrictions by nationality or country of residence. Almost every user can register and watch crypto exchange rates for trading.