The gaming industry is one of the highest-grossing industries. In the US alone, this industry was valued at upwards of $65 billion in 2021. In the past, gaming was frowned upon by many, as they termed it a waste of time, more than anything else. These days, however, developers have come up with ways to make these games more interactive while providing gamers with various opportunities to earn monetary rewards. WHO recently recommended playing games as a measure to reduce the spread of the coronavirus.   

What are play-to-earn games?

With the crypto wave gaining popularity in recent years, game developers have turned to blockchain technology in the development of their games. In the past, you had to be a professional gamer to earn money playing video games. With crypto play-to-earn games, regular gamers can earn cryptocurrencies by spending a few hours playing these games. These earnings may be made by trading in-game collectibles in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) or growing NFT characters within the games. 

Top NFT games in 2022

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity was the pioneer in the play to earn gaming space. Being the first to market, it has since garnered increasing popularity, grossing around half a million daily users. This saw it surpass NBA Top Shot for total NFTs sold.

Axie Infinity is a battle-style game that closely resembles Pokemon. Gamers breed Axies, the game’s NFT characters who have different skillsets and can be used in battle. Gamers have a choice of playing the Adventure mode or competing with fellow users in PvP mode. By doing so, they earn the SLP token, which they can use to purchase new Axies. SLP can also be changed into fiat through any one of the several crypto exchange platforms.  

Zed Run

This is a horse racing game that allows users to purchase virtual NFT horses and race them. By competing in races, winners earn crypto rewards. The game is based on the Polygon blockchain, which is characterized by low gas fees. Since its inception in 2019, the game has been recording impressive sales numbers, even hitting upwards of $25 million in monthly sales. 


CryptoBlades is among the market leaders in the NFT games space. It was created by Riveted Games, a renowned video game developer. In it, players get to own their characters and weapons as NFTs, which they can trade on the in-game marketplace. The coin used in the game is SKILL. SKILL tokens are earned by defeating other players in combat: the more powerful an enemy you defeat, the more your reward.  


Splinterlands is a card collecting game that allows users to battle fellow gamers using their collected cards. Gamers have full ownership of these cards as NFTs, and they can earn SPS tokens by trading or renting these cards. Further, they can participate in ranked games, tournaments, and quests to earn rewards. It utilizes a Hive wallet, which holds the credits you earn in the game. 

Lost Relics

Lost Relics is an adventure-type game where players can fight monsters, complete several quests and collect loot, which is how they earn tokens. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain. By playing quests, events, and encounters in the game, players can earn gold coins and other blockchain collectibles. Such collectibles can be traded on public NFT marketplaces as they tend to be rather rare.  

War Riders

This is an online multiplayer game that rewards gamers in crypto tokens. On it, players can create customized combat vehicles for battling their opponents using the game’s native currency, Benzene (BZN). Like most cryptocurrencies, BZN’s supply is finite. 

The game also has a utility token named WAX, which is used for trading the in-game vehicles on a virtual marketplace. Through the BZN coins they earn, players can upgrade their vehicles, which increases their value on the open market.   

Alien Worlds

This is a Sci-fi metaverse game that allows players to run virtual planets. On it, you can acquire land, tools, weapons, avatars, and artifacts as NFTs. Further, it allows you to mine Trillium, the game’s native token, battle other players, and complete various quests. The Trillium rewards earned can be used to participate in planetary elections. Trillium is also distributed to the Federation, which controls the economy of the metaverse. 


Sorare is a fantasy-football type game that allows players to collect cards of famous football players.  With these cards, players can create virtual football teams and pit them against other players on the platform. 

Just like with Fantasy Football, the game is based on each of the player’s real-life forms. You can create lineups and choose captains to earn points. The cards have varying levels of scarcity, which determines their value. These cards can then be traded using the ERC-721 token on Ethereum. 


Illuvium is a 3D RPG with an open, explorable landscape. The game’s collectibles are called illuvials, and they can be obtained by battling with other players. Each illuvial has different powers and different levels of rarity. Further, they can be traded on Exchange, with the most powerful ones being the shiny, gold, and holographic captures. It is built on the Ethereum blockchain, and its native token is ETH.

Neon District

This is another RPG that features a virtual sci-fi world. On it, players can participate in various adventures and battles, which earns them in-game NFTs. They can then trade these NFTs for other cryptocurrencies. The more they upgrade their in-game items, the more they are worth. There are also rare assets obtained from battles, which can be traded on the open market. 


The gaming industry has increasingly embraced blockchain technology to create NFT based games. In them, players earn tokens and collectibles, which can then be traded for cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies on NFT marketplaces.