TJ10X Indicator is an indicator that unites several strategies behind the system. The solution is a part of SinryAdvice family. The only claim is “Trend Power Feature that shows how accurate and strong the signal is.” Let’s figure out what we’ve got. 

TJ10X Indicator: characteristics

The presentation is shorter than usual. It means no backtest reports and trading results for us. 

  • The system only informs us – we have to trade manually. 
  • It shows trading opportunities for us. 
  • The system works only on the MT4 terminal. 
  • We can work with all trading pairs. 
  • We can trade on any time frame we want. 
  • The dev says these signals are reliable. 
  • We will be informed when the time to trade. 
  • There are several videos provided. 
  • The system includes five trading strategies. 
  • The accuracy can be up to 82%. 
  • It can help us to improve our trading technique. 
  • The signals are repainted after providing. 
  • The offer is one-time.
  • The system includes pop-ups and other alerts. 
  • The strategies are Scalping, Fast Scraper, Tick Trend, Swing, and Trend. 
  • We have to share our account numbers with the devs to get approval. 
  • We have to “insert the key in the token section which is on the input tab of indicator settings and after that go to the common tab and click Allow Dll Imports, then run it.”
  • “Only Trade when the signal candle is close. During open candle signals may vary.”
TJ10X Indicator chart with attached indicator.
  • The devs provided screenshots of how the system works. 
TJ10X Indicator strategies.
  • There can be two strategies applied at the same time. 
  • “In order to use Trend Power, you need to take signals that have above 40 trend power, and any number below 40 don’t trade because it has lower odds.”

Currency pairs, strategy & timeframe

  • We can work with all currency pairs. 
  • The strategies are Scalping, Fast Scraper, Tick Trend, Swing, and Trend. 
  • We can work on all time frames. 

TJ10X Indicator trading performance

We have no sign of backtest reports provided. It’s a con because we don’t know if the system was tested well before it was released. We don’t know what results it can provide us.

The system doesn’t have trading results. We don’t know if these five strategies work well, as the developers mentioned. It would be nice of them to provide us with trading results. The main reason is that we want them to risk money as we will be. At the same time, details would show a real win rate and other details. 

How much does it cost?

TJ10X Indicator pricing.

TJ10X Indicator can be bought for only $59. The original price was $100. We don’t know what this package includes. The system is delivered without a money-back guarantee. 

Reviews from customers

TJ10X Indicator testimonials.

The page includes some testimonials that don’t match the reality because there weren’t that many copies sold.

Should you use TJ10X Indicator?

Affordable pricingNo team revealed 
No risk advice given 
No backtest reports provided 
No trading results shown
No money-back guarantee provided
No people’s testimonials published 


TJ10X Indicator is an indicator that was released by SinryAdvice. The developers only explained what strategies are behind the system. We don’t have any extra explanations about how we have to work with it. The presentation doesn’t have backtest reports and trading results to show us how everything works and if it is possible to reach the win rate the developers mentioned. As a cherry on the top, we have no money-back guarantee and only fake testimonials provided. It’s not enough to give this system a try.