Tip Toe Hippo has a funny name indeed. Its presentation is also ludicrous and points to a not so serious vendor. They fail to indicate the various elements they have incorporated in the system and explain how it functions, among other things. 

As far as vendor transparency is concerned, we do not know the individuals or professionals who came up with this product. There is nothing on the website that hints at their real identities. This, in turn, casts doubt on their qualifications as Forex developers. 

Tip Toe Hippo: characteristics

The characteristics of the EA are also missing. It is standard practice for Forex EA vendors to highlight the features of their products for traders to be aware of what they are actually purchasing. We don’t know why the developers, in this case, have trivialized this matter. 

Currency pairs, strategy & timeframe

The currency pairs used are not indicated as well. Nonetheless, as we assessed the trading results, it became clearer that the robot trades with US30, GER30, and JPN225. The timeframe used is still unknown. 

Just when we thought that the developers couldn’t be more reckless, they failed to include information on the strategy used in the presentation. This further puts traders at a disadvantage because they cannot figure out if the trading style on board aligns with their preferences or not. 

Tip Toe Hippo trading performance

Backtest report.

This is not your ordinary backtest report. From the snapshot above, the only clear thing is that the EA was tested between 2012 and 2020. Other important parameters such as the profit factor, drawdown rate, net profit, deposit, and trades executed are all missing. Furthermore, we could not ascertain the legitimacy of the chart. 

Trading statistics.

We are presented with a real USD account that is under Global Prime brokerage. It is being run on the MT4 terminal and using a leverage of 1:200. From May 9, 2021, the system has been making 5.23% monthly profits. Accumulatively, an absolute gain of 14.53%, which is equivalent to a profit of $4018.98, has been made. The amount withdrawn is $54.04.

Performance of trades.

Based on these advanced statistics, the system has placed 158 trades through the account. The winning rate of short positions, which is 38%, is notable for being very low. The same can be said about the outcomes of the long positions (53%).  

Trading history.

The system uses a very high-risk approach. This is signified by the huge sizes of lots used and the numerous losses that it left on its trail.  

How much does it cost?

Subscription plans.

There are 3 distinct pricing options for this product. We have a 1 month subscription plan that costs $50. The 3 months and 12 months subscription packages are priced at $100 and $250 respectively. The vendor encourages traders to choose longer subscriptions since the performance of the system is measured over the longer term. Regrettably, a money-back guarantee isn’t mentioned. 

Reviews from customers

We were not shocked to learn that Tip Toe Hippo lacks customer reviews. The dearth of information on key areas that traders focus on while assessing if the product is worth their investment is enough to put many of them off. There are higher chances that the EA has not been purchased by anyone yet. 

Should you use Tip Toe Hippo EA?

Has verified trading results on myfxbook.comIts characteristics are not described
Vendor is anonymous
The strategy in use is unknown
Low profitability rate


From the presentation, we can see that the developers are a bunch of lazy individuals who want to make quick money from unsuspecting Forex traders. They do not take their time to describe the features of their product and how it works. The performance of the EA is also poor, a sign that the developers are inexperienced. So, we advise that you avoid this system altogether.