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Today, we’d like to talk about Thunder 30 Signals. The service was designed by Trading Strategy Guides. This company is a scam because they never provide trading results as well as never use their software to make profits. It was introduced as Ultimate Plug & Play Forex Signal Service. It’s already provided “$13000 of pure profits.” Of course, it’s a lie and scam. We’ve seen no sign of trading results that could prove this statement. If we can’t check, they can lie about any numbers they want.

Thunder 30 Signals presentation

Thunder 30 Signals: Characteristics

Let’s sem up all signals features:

  • We never miss big profits using their signals.
  • There are no false signals.
  • The signals are delivered at the same time, within 30 minutes each day.
  • The system finds and delivers signals lightning quickly.
  • The signals have money-management advice.
  • We can make money under any market condition.
  • There are no leverage restrictions.
  • We can start trading with as low as $100.
  • Signals are delivered via email.
Thunder 30 Signals chart
Thunder 30 Signals chart

These two screenshots look bad-photoshopped. Anything is attached to charts. There are no arrows that would show that there were Entry Prices. 

Thunder 30 Signals features
  • All signals have the same format: Direction, Entry Price, Symbol, Time Frame, Stop Loss1, Stop Loss2 (???), Risk Advice, and Take Profit.

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe

Thunder 30 Signals presentation
Thunder 30 Signals presentation

This statement sounds weird. When the London Stock Exchange opens, there’s a night in the Americas. No one wakes up to trade the session’s opening. Everything is done by the EAs for traders. That’s why it sounds awkward to hear this about auto trading.

Thunder 30 Signals chart

Having zoomed this screenshot, we’ve noticed Epic Money Management Tool. See, on not photoshopped screenshots, there’s software attached to the chart.

Thunder 30 Signals Trading Performance

Thunder 30 Signals Trading Performance

There’s a gif. We can see some profitable deals. It’s not proof for us because they can be done on the demo account.

Thunder 30 Signals Myfxbook

We’ve got this screenshot of the myfxbook profile. There is no verified profile on myfxbook. We looked for it, using company and software names. It was created on November 18, 2019. The screenshot was taken around September 21, 2020. For almost a year, the absolute gain has become mediocre 27.1%. An average monthly gain was 2.35%. The maximum drawdown was 9.58%. The EA closed 156 deals with 7273 pips. An average win was 755 pips when an average loss was -894 pips. It seems like the robot traded Gold. Win-rate was 56%-57%. An average trade length was eight days (for signal service it is too much). The Profit Factor was 1.46.

How much does it cost?

Thunder 30 Signals price

We don’t know anyone who would pay $597 or $797 for signals.

Thunder 30 Signals price

They calculated much stuff in the pack that no-one needs. 30 Training Videos? Seriously? Who needs them? People look for signals because they don’t want or don’t have time to learn – only copy trades from email to the terminal.

Thunder 30 Signals price

This is warning us so much because if they can easily stop the service, what will stop them from stopping delivering signals?

Thunder 30 Signals email alert

The final price is $497 for an annual subscription. It’s an iconic scam because usually, people subscribe for a month if there are no free signals. Paying $497 for a cat in the bag is madness.

Thunder 30 Signals payment

We have to share our card number data during checkout on their site. We can’t be sure that they won’t sell our data to third-party companies.

Reviews from customers

Thunder 30 Signals Reviews from customers

The presentation includes fake feedback. Just look at these testimonials – there’s not even a single line about how much money, account balance, people gains, etc.

Should You Use Thunder 30 Signals?

No prosNo team revealed
No strategies explanations provided
No indicators explanations provided
No backtests performed
No trading results provided
No symbols list shared
No pips gained sheet drawn
Insane pricing
We have to share our card data with them
Fake testimonials are on the site
No real people feedback provided
No page on Forex Peace Army created


Thunder 30 Signals is a service that looks like a scam. Many services from Trading Strategy Guides are scams because the company doesn’t make money on trading, just on selling what they designed. This one is not an exception. They don’t have an account revealed where they trade these signals and make profits. Everything we have is only photoshopped screenshots. Pricing is another story. Paying $497 for a service we know anything about is a mistake.