The Wave Scalper robot has been designed by Leapfx’s developers. It has been introduced to the audience as “The Only Forex Scalper That Is Proven To Work Over 10 Years And Delivers 100%, 400%, Even Up To 700% Profit With Safe Risk”. Of course, no one trusts statements like this.

Leapfx designed 7 automated robots where Wave Scalper is one of them. 

The Wave Scalper Robot

As we can see, the picture from the list differs from the presentation’s one. So, the robot is a fully automated trading system that manages to open, proceed, and close trades by itself. The robot is proven as a well-worked system during the last 10 years and should be successful in the future. The robot tested on various brokerage companies and has low account risk exposure.

The company provides many services like trustful brokers, account management, VPS, and automated trading. LeapFX suggests trying the next brokerage companies: FX Choice, ThinkForex, and Pepperstone.

Let’s come back to the presentation of the Wave Scalper Robot.

The Wave Scalper Robot

That’s it. We have any more info about Wave Scalper. We’ve got the “life account proof” without a proof. The presentation doesn’t include any links on myfxbook or fxblue sites. For the average investor, it becomes a googling quest. The next feature about “exposing” we can’t check in any way. 

Having googled we’ve found ForexStore page of the robot. Even here there’s more intel about the robot.

The Wave Scalper Robot

The devs explain how patterns work and how the robot will look for points to get in and out of a trade.

The robot has been built “upon a complex neural network model that allows it to adapt to changes in the market”. EA doesn’t use grid or martingale methods and doesn’t trade against trends. The robot is based on Elliot Wave theory and trades GBP/USD and USD/JPY currency pairs. “The Wave Scalper scalps impulse waves that trade into the trend direction, giving a much higher probability of success,” devs said.

Wave Scalper Trading Performance

We’ve got 3 real accounts. All of them have been stopped about a year ago. 

The Wave Scalper Robot Myfxbook

It’s been a real USD account that has been funded for $9857. Wave Scalper traded through AvaTrade with a 1:400 leverage level on the MetaTrader 4 platform. During 5 months, the gain grew to +36.85% trading with extremely low drawdowns (6.64%). The average monthly gain has been solid and equals 8.3%. 

The Wave Scalper Robot Myfxbook

As we can see from the balance chart, there has been two months period when the devs checked how it works before funding more money in its trading.

The Wave Scalper Robot advanced statistics Wave Scalper traded 143 trades with a huge amount of pips (712.7). The average win-rate is high and was between 75% (shorts) and 78% (longs). The average win $20.8 almost equals the average loss -$25.57. The average trade length is 7 hours. It traded with a high profit factor that equaled 2.71. 

The Wave Scalper Robot advanced statistics

This is a mixed pairs account, but most of the profit has been brought by the GBP/USD currency pair. 

The Wave Scalper Robot advanced statistics

The robot didn’t trade mid-day hours at all, only scalping ones.

The Wave Scalper Robot advanced statistics

It traded with the lowest possible risks.

The Wave Scalper Robot monthly analytics

Wave Scalper provided a different amount of profit and it depended on the month.

Two other accounts are focusing on one currency pair.

The Wave Scalper Robot Myfxbook

This is GBP/USD one. During a year and a half, the robot provides +105% of the gain, showing 8.68% of the monthly gain with mid-level drawdowns (29.96%). As we can see, there has been a period when the robot lost 40% of the account balance but could recover for seven days. 

The Wave Scalper Robot advanced statistics

It traded 296 trades with 1333 pips. The win-rate varies between 69% and 77%. The profit factor equaled 1.51 and the average trade length was 10 hours.

The Wave Scalper Robot advanced statistics

In order to recover, the robot traded with extremely high risks. 17.38% of losing 10% of the account.

The Wave Scalper Robot monthly analytics

The Wave Scalper Robot monthly analytics

High risks provide over 10% of the monthly gain during months.

The Wave Scalper Robot Myfxbook

The last one is the real USD account. The robot traded about two months and gave 27.56% of the monthly gain trading with low drawdowns (9.46%) and low risks.

The Wave Scalper Robot advanced statistics There have been traded 29 trades with 316 pips. The average win $3.8 in two times higher than a loss -$1.82. The profit factor is quite good and equals 3.97.

How much does it cost?

The robot sells in two packages.

One year license costs $300. Buying it we’ll get unlimited support, full updates, recommendations about settings. For $500 we’ll receive a robot with a lifetime license. The seller provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Should you use the Wave Scalper robot?


  • Real trading results
  • Good profitability
  • Low drawdowns
  • High “profit factor”
  • High win-rates
  • Comparing currency pairs profitability
  • Selling through ForexStore
  • Brokerage company list is provided
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • The low rating of ForexStore
  • Lack of robot describing in the presentation
  • High price
  • No 2019 annual statistics data
  • No offered “100-700% of the monthly gain”
  • All accounts have been stopped
  • Lack of people feedback


Wave Scalper looks like EA that can make money and recover after losses. The robot provided good profitability trading with low drawdowns and low risks at the start of 2019. Now is 2020. We don’t know anything about what the reason has been to stop its performance on all three accounts. If you can afford it for yourself you can try it in order to collect data. If it trades badly you may be refunded.