The Trump administration plans to sell massive weapons to Taiwan including the seven major weapon systems, Reuters reports. The major weapon systems like cruise missiles, mines, and drones are to be part of the package.

  • US said to be pushing for an acceleration of arms sales at once instead of carrying out the sale at spaced out intervals. 
  • The weapons packages, produced by Lockheed Martin Co, Boeing and General Atomics, are already on the way to Taiwan , three people familiar with the matter said.
  • As the president Tsai Ing-wen is re-elected in January, he wants to strengthen the defense system of Taiwan. 

An industry source said that President Trump was slated to be briefed about the package this week and some of the arms deals had been requested by Taiwan for a year now. However, the interest of Taiwan in the weapons of the U.S. is not new as Taiwan remains a tense territorial issue for China.