Is The Skilled Trader Robot a good forex robot or scam?

The Skilled Trader Robot presentation

The presentation of The Skilled Trader starts with typical scam statements like tripling an account for a few months and requirements of an email just to take a look at it.

The Skilled Trader Robot presentation

Want my email I’ve got it. 

After several screenshots of the 3-rd-part verified performance, we’ve got this kind of calculation.

The Skilled Trader Robot presentation

Of course, it’s a lie. $4K never becomes a $1.7M in 2 years without arbitrage trading.

The list of the robot features:

  • No scalping strategy
  • Works with any broker
  • Auto-updating
  • Can trade gold
  • The minimum deposit is $100
  • Following the trend strategy

After this info, there are over 10 pages of good for nothing brain-dead text and screenshot we’ve seen again, and this post with $4K to $1.7M again. The next the devs explain why following the trends is a good strategy to work with. 

The forex robot works with 3 currency pairs: EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and XAU/USD. There is Iron Clad Resistance to protect from Broker Slippage, Delays, and High Spreads. The system hides stop-loss levels from the fraud brokers. 

After this intel, we’ve pushed to see once again the links and the same screenshots. 

The Skilled Trader Performance

The Skilled Trader Robot Myfxbook

It’s a real USD account on the FX Choice, traded with 1:200 leverage on the MetaTrader 4 platform. The monthly gain is 13.49% with a 9.12% max drawdown. The account has been funded at $5000 in October 2019. During 9 months, the robot provided +111.77% of the gain. See, there’s no “tripling an account during a few months”.

The Skilled Trader Robot advanced statistics

The robot traded 347 deals with 91181.5 pips. The average win ($51.47) is higher than the average loss (-$43.65). Win-rate is 62-63%. The profit factor is 1.99. The average trade length is one day. 

The Skilled Trader Robot statistics

The robot trades without SL/TP level placements. As you can see, a lot of checking the trend deals closed in seconds, if it goes in the wrong way. The second thought is the robot trades ok, as one that performs a day-trading strategy.

The Skilled Trader Robot statistics

It’s extremely rare to see that the robot provides more profit trading Gold than EUR/USD or GBP/USD. Please notice, that amount of pips traded on Gold compering to the other currency pairs. Totally 9 from 10 pips have been traded on XAU/USD.

The Skilled Trader Robot statistics

The Skilled Trader Robot statistics

The Skilled Trader trades mostly during the European trading session every day.

The Skilled Trader Robot statistics

The last month the robot has been tunned to trade with extremely little risk.

The Skilled Trader Robot monthly gain

As soon as the risks are going down the monthly profit does the same.

The Skilled Trader Robot statistics

There are many other real accounts to check.


The Skilled Trader Robot offer

The offer includes three packages. The first one is “3 Months Membership” for $250. The next one costs $500 and is called “One Year Membership”. For $900 is Lifetime Membership. Everyone includes EA, free updates, support, and a 30-day money-back guarantee.



  • LeapFx designed robot
  • The low requirement of the minimum deposit
  • 3-rd-part verified real account trading results
  • Low-risk low max drawdown trading
  • Good profitability
  • Good profit factor
  • Trades well as a day trading robot
  • Successfully trades gold
  • Cheap price package is available
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Updates and support provided


  • Email requirement to read the presentation
  • Boring and hype presentation
  • No backtests provided
  • Can provide just 5% of the monthly gain with the low-risk trading
  • Over one-day trades have high chances to end with a loss

The final thought is the robot is a good one to try. It provides smooth and predictable enough profit trading just three currency pairs. The robot is young enough, so, you can expect for at least one year more successful trading. The positive moment, of course, is that you just need as low as $100 to start trading with this robot. If you don’t like results you’ll receive you can use the money-back guarantee option.