As an automated trade signal generator, The Fund Trader reveals a verified 29,000% profit. Promising high returns through an easy process, this Forex trading software is developed by Gordon Francis and promoted by the LeapFX team. Effective on nearly 18 currency pairs the developer claims to have a win rate of 82% and invites traders to copy his automated signals to get similar results.

The Fund Trader: Characteristics

The Fund Trader: Characteristics

As per the developer, a trading approach consisting of two steps is followed. In the first step, fundamental and technical analysis of the currency pairs is done to identify accurate entries and the direction of the trade. The second step involves the use of proprietary software for monitoring and identifying accurate exit points. 

Feature highlights include a fully automated process, trading on 18 currency pairs, beginner-friendly software, and the ability to work with small accounts. This signal copier product is third-party verified and does not employ strategies like the grid or Martingale which are considered to be high-risk approaches.

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe

Gordon Francis does not divulge much information on his automated trade signals. While he gives an elaborate explanation of how he started developing the software there is very little info of real importance like the timeframe used, the recommendations, etc. 18 pairs are focused on including Gold. 

When it comes to the strategy used, the developer does not reveal the approach he uses. Instead, he mentions not using the hedging, Martingale, and grid approaches. The dual approach is the only explanation we can find for the approach used which is not sufficient to know about the service.

The Fund Trader Trading Performance

Francis does not reveal backtests for the MT4 tool which is a bit disappointing. Even if past performance is not a guarantee of future results, the strategy tester reports help users get a better perspective of the way the system works. The developer mentions the presence of real live proof but the link to the myfxbook page seems to be broken. We however found a demo account for this EA. Here is a screenshot of the verified results:

The Fund Trader Myfxbook
The Fund Trader trading results

From the demo USD account using the leverage of 1:500, we could see the system has suffered a loss of 27.73% and the absolute gain also shows a loss of 27.73%. The drawdown value is 33.62% and the daily and monthly profits also reveal a loss of 2.29% and 27.73%. For a deposit amount of $5000, the balance amount is $3,613. This account has started trading on May 12, 2021, up to May 25, 2021, it has completed 13 trades with 1.92 lots and a profit factor of 0.24.  According to the trading history, the lot sizes are high ranging from 0.12 up to 0.15. Nearly more than half of the trades executed have suffered a loss.

How much does it cost?

The Fund Trader price

Purchasing a three-month membership subscription to this automated software will cost you $297. The annual membership amount is $597. In addition to the software, you will get free updates, customer support, and best recommendations for trading. A refund offer is provided wherein you can get your money back in 30 days if you are not satisfied with the FX advisor. Compared to other subscription-based packages available now, the pricing is very expensive and not worthwhile.

Reviews from customers

User feedback is not available for this ATS on reputed third-party sites like Forexpeacearmy, Trustpilot, etc. The absence of user reviews indicates the MT4 trading tool is not a popular software in the field. Furthermore, we look for reviews as they are useful in gaining information about the efficacy of the software and the support offered by the vendor. 

Should You Use The Fund Trader Robot?

While the developer assures incredible results, from what we have perused of the features, strategy, and performance, the FX advisor fails to impress. Here are the main pros and cons we identified in this FX advisor.

Fully automatedVerified account shows poor performance
30 days money-back guaranteeThe strategy used is not explained clearly
Price is expensive


Lack of proven track record and absence of backtests make The Fund Trader an unreliable trading tool. While the developer assures very high profits and a win rate of 82%, the demo account results prove that these claims are false. The demo account and the small sample size further make it difficult to assess the approach used. Gordon Francis fails to provide verified results that corroborate his claims of impossibly high profits. With no clear explanation on the trading approach and the very minimal info provided on the recommendations and other aspects of using the software, we find that this is not an ATS a trader of any level can rely on.