The Fall is one of the many indicators that are being sold on the mql5 website. It was published on August 9, 2021, and is purported to be a great choice for traders who prefer swing trading and scalping. It does not repaint and is supposedly a great arsenal to add to any chart. We have assessed the indicator and established its good and bad sides. So, we invite you to read this review and find out if this system appeals to your trading needs. 

The Fall was developed by a person called Bruce Webb. He is based in the US and has been working in this market for two years now. Within this period, he has created a total of 6 products. Obviously, this profile description is inadequate since it fails to include Bruce’s qualifications. In addition to being a developer, is he a professional trader, a Forex analyst, or a currency strategist? This cannot be determined. As a result, traders may doubt his trading skills.  

The Fall: characteristics

The features of this tool are listed below:

  • The recommended broker is Coinexx.
  • Is designed to work on the MT4 and MT5 terminals.
  • Provides arrow entry alerts.
  • Mobile and desktop alerts are also available.
  • Perfect for new and expert traders.
  • Arrow signals alert at the “open of the candle.”

Currency pairs, strategy & timeframe

According to the vendor, the indicator works on all time frames and on any MT4/5 pair. In terms of strategy, the Fall is described as a non-repainting indicator that shows precise Sell reversals. It is particularly designed to provide SELLS alerts alone, and therefore, traders are asked to take the arrows in a downtrend only for best results. Unfortunately, Bruce does not tell us the exact strategy the system uses to identify which signals are lucrative and which ones are not. For all we know, it could be picking up signals at random.

Trading performance

The backtest results of the Fall are not shared. This is a poor practice as it denies the audience the chance to gauge the long-term effectiveness of the strategy in use. It is impossible to ascertain its profitability rate and the kinds of risks it exposes traders’ accounts to. 

The performance of this indicator in the live market is also unknown because the developer does not care enough to display them. We have established that he has not opened any account on a site like for us to see how his creation works. This could only mean one thing: he is not confident about its performance in real market conditions. Then, why should we?

How much does it cost?

The Fall does not have a license key yet. For this reason, you can only rent it at a price of $50 for a year. This price is set to double soon, and for this reason, you are told to hurry and buy it before that happens. The developer fails to mention if a money-back guarantee is available or not. It is highly likely it is not there. You may ask, is this indicator worth its price? Well, we cannot tell for sure since its performance is still a mystery.

The Fall’s price.

Reviews from customers

Nearly everyone on mql5 is saying that the Fall is a great and excellent product. However, none of them has divulged any information about its real performance. The customers are not telling us if it is generating profits for them or not. This makes us think that they have been paid to leave positive feedback. In short, the testimonials are not credible. 

Should you use the Fall indicator?

Affordable priceNo backtest results
Supports numerous currency pairsThere are no live trading results
Vendor transparency is insufficient
Customer reviews are not credible


The Fall is shrouded in secrecy. The vendor fails to disclose his credentials, which creates serious doubts about his trading skills. The lack of backtest and live trading data is a clear sign that the strategy used may not be effective. If it was, then the developer would not hesitate to showcase its performance. Therefore, traders should not trust this indicator.