Owners of Tesla vehicles in China will be able to access information collected from their electric cars in a database to be launched within the year, Bloomberg reported.

  • Tesla did not provide additional details. The company in April said data collected will be very well protected and will be stored only in China.
  • A customer in China last month protested at an auto show, claiming that a Tesla almost killed her father after the brakes supposedly failed, causing a crash.
  • Tesla released the data logs of the vehicle in question days after the event, following regulatory orders. This was kept private for several months.
  • The logs showed that the vehicle, a Model 3, was traveling at 118.5 kilometers an hour before impact. This slowed to 48.5 kilometers per hour after the brakes were applied, with the driver using the brakes over 40 times in the 30 minutes before the crash.
  • China is currently looking into claiming the data collected by the intelligent cars to be stored in the country. The draft regulation is open for public comment until May 15.
  • The proposed regulation seeks to require information collected from the vehicles, such as camera footage, location data, or images from buildings or roads, to be stored in China. 

TSLA: Nasdaq is up 1.20% premarket.