American tech giant Tesla Inc. has opened more positions directly involved with the development of its humanoid robot Tesla Bot, Electrek reported.

  • At least eight new positions related to the Tesla Bot were opened — electrical engineer, mechanical design engineer, controls engineer, autonomy, test engineer, software engineer, embedded firmware engineer, and engineering technician.
  • The listings were posted by Tesla Mobile Robotics Manager Chris Walti, and most of the jobs will be based in Tesla’s headquarters in Palo Alto, except for one which will be in Austin.
  • The Test Engineer job description noted responsibilities in accelerating production of mobile robotics systems, hinting at the possibility of Tesla Bot production in Austin, where the company is building its Gigafactory Texas.
  • Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk earlier said the Tesla Bot prototype is expected by 2022. No timeline has been given for its release to the public, but analysts expect production to be in the Texas plant.

Tesla earlier posted four listings related to the bot — two mechanical engineers for actuator integration and actuator gear design, senior humanoid mechatronic robotics architect, and senior humanoid modeling robotics architect. TSLA is up 0.38%.