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What Is Terra and What Is Luna Coin?

Terra is an open-source blockchain platform that supports the development of algorithmic stablecoins pegged against traditional fiat. It is billed as a next-generation blockchain payment network supporting stablecoins powered by its native token LUNA.

The terra platform allows people to trade stablecoins easily and swiftly on the network. The platform is operated under the proof of stake model, whereby validators verify transactions depending on the number of coins they hold. The less intensive protocol allows the token holders to earn returns on every transaction.

LUNA, the native token, acts as a medium of exchange through which holders pay network fees on the platform. Additionally, token holders can participate in governance voting. Priced at about $49.64 a coin, LUNA is ranked as the 9th largest cryptocurrency, with a market cap of about $19.3 billion at the time of writing.

There is no maximum supply of the total LUNA tokens that will ever be in circulation. The current circulating supply stands at 387,847,273 LUNA.

As of the end of last year, the total value of tokens locked in the Terra platform hit highs of $18 billion, making the open-source platform the second-largest DeFi protocol behind Ethereum.

Should I Buy Terra Coin Today: LUNA Market Sentiment

Terra coin has been under pressure since it rose above the $100 mark late last year. LUNA has since pulled back by about 47% from all-time lows and remains bearish, as the descending channel depicted below.

Amid the deep pullback, LUNA remains well supported above the 200 Exponential Moving Averages, which have emerged as a key support level. In the recent past, the $43 a coin level has emerged as a support level above which the coin looks likely to start edging higher.

Chart showing LUNA consolidation in the bearish channel

On the flip side, a sell-off followed by a close below the $43 could leave LUNA susceptible to further losses. With the Relative Strength Index, RSI is showing a reading of below 50, where LUNA looks increasingly bearish.

As it stands, the overall cryptocurrency market is under pressure, and LUNA is no exception. Therefore, now might not be the best time to buy the coin as more losses could come into play. The risk-on mood in the cryptocurrency is at all-time lows as investors and traders continue to shun riskier assets in favor of safe havens such as gold and the US dollar.

The Russia-Ukrainian standoff compounded by the US Federal Reserve push to tighten monetary policy weighs heavily on cryptocurrencies and LUNA coins.

What Is Terra LUNA Price Prediction for a Year?

While LUNA coin has sunk below $50, a potential bounce-back could be on the cards. Price forecasts on Digitalcoinprice indicate that most analysts expect the coin to average more than $66 for the better part of the year.

Chart showing LUNA 2022 price prediction


The $66 a coin price forecast does not come as a surprise, given that the 40% plus pull back from all-time highs means the coin is trading at a great discount. Most people could likely use the opportunity to buy LUNA at a discount causing its price to tick higher.

What Is Terra Luna Price Prediction for 2025?

Terra’s growing popularity as an open-source blockchain for stablecoins could be the catalyst to fuel a bounce-back of LUNA coin to above the $100 mark by 2025. According to estimates on Digitalcoinprice, LUNA could hit highs of $114 a coin in 2014 and average $103 a coin for the year.

Chart showing LUNA 2025 price prediction

A rally back to the $100 mark won’t come as a surprise given the volatility in the burgeoning sector. During crypto booms, virtual currencies are known to rally to record highs. While the overall industry is under pressure, things could change, which could see LUNA re-rating higher.

What Is Terra Luna’s Price Prediction for 2030?

Immediate LUNA price prediction for 2030 indicates the coin has what it takes to be worth more than $200 a coin. Estimates on Digitalcoinprice indicate LUNA could average $234 by 2030, giving it a hefty valuation.

Chart showing LUNA 2030 price prediction

Given that the coin is trading for just $49, now may be the best time to buy the LUNA as a long-term investment. However, the speculative nature of cryptocurrencies means they could also lose significant value from current levels.


Will Terra coin appreciate in a year?

Luna has what it takes to appreciate in a year, given the speculative nature of cryptocurrencies. A deep pull back from record highs makes it appealing for traders who missed out on the initial leg higher.

How much will Terra be worth in 5 years?

LUNA could be worth more than $130 a coin in the next five years

Where do I buy LUNA Token?

The two most reputable exchanges where LUNA tokens can be bought include Gemini and Voyager.