SV3 Trading is a signal provider company that delivers its signals via free and VIP Telegram channels. They insisted that they are “Forex Signal Group with a 70%-90% success rate.” These scissor levels are awkward. So, 70% or 90%? The presentation can be shown in Spanish and French.

SV3 Trading presentation

SV3 Trading: Characteristics

The presentation is several pages long. It does not contain a lot of info to discuss:

  • The market analysts provide the company with the latest market signals.
  • The win-rate of the signals can be up to 70%-90%.
  • The developers convince us that reaching 5000 pips monthly is real.
  • There’s a pip counter in the free Telegram group.
  • The company provides a refund policy if the month is closed with losses.
  • The free and VIP channels have trading ideas published.
  • Instagram includes posts with tips and educational
  • For trading with a 0.01 Lot Size, we should have 250 EUR on the account.
  • Various brokers require a deposit from $100 to start trading.
  • All signals have Stop Loss and Take Profit levels.
  • The signal frequency is from 5 to 15 daily.

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe

  • The developers decided not to explain strategies that are used for providing these signals.
  • We will have to work with all currency pairs.
  • They can be set at any time frame. For signal service, this matters less.

SV3 Trading Trading Performance

The company has no backtest reports because it doesn’t generate these signals using an EA, but receives them from third-party analysts.

SV3 Trading Trading Performance

There are trading results shown as reports for each posted trade.

SV3 Trading Trading Performance

There are trading ideas with trading results based on them. From this chart, we can see a Price Action trading idea. At the same time, the developers receive these positive reports that deals were closed from analysts. They don’t trade these signals on their own real account to make money. So, they have no idea how well these signals are.

SV3 Trading Trading Performance

This is trading results from a VIP channel. The win-rate was 42,14%. The loss is -60 pips. If we remove 100 pips of (TP3) and replace it with a common 20-pip (few people trade for TP3) win, the past week’s trading results would look like a disaster. 

How much does it cost?

SV3 Trading price

The offer includes three packages: the one-month VIP Signals, the three-month VIP Signals, and the twelve-month VIP Signals. The one-month VIP Signals pack costs $50 monthly. It includes 5-15 daily signals, up to 5000 pips, personal one-to-one support, signals from experienced traders. There’s a daily pips recount. The three-month package costs $97 for three months. The twelve-month package costs $337 for a year. The annual pack includes “Live Trading Breakdown” and “Advanced Forex Courses.”

SV3 Trading. There’s a free 30-day trial.

There’s a free 30-day trial. The developers said (copy MY trades). It’s unclear. A page ago they told us that the signals are received from analysts, not from a single trader.

SV3 Trading. For getting signals for free, we have to register a real account on BDSwiss.
SV3 Trading. For getting signals for free, we have to register a real account on BDSwiss.
SV3 Trading. For getting signals for free, we have to register a real account on BDSwiss.

For getting signals for free, we have to register a real account on BDSwiss. We have to deposit 100 USD/EUR, and we’ll receive a week of VIP, 350 USD/EUR for a month of VIP, or 500 USD/EUR for annual VIP access. We have to inform the developer that we funded the account.

Reviews from customers

SV3 Trading Reviews from customers

There’s a slider of positive comments.

SV3 Trading Telegram channel

Since our last visit, the free Telegram channel has grown to 900 members. Now, it includes 32780 subscribers. It’s probably the single well-known free Forex signal channel on Spanish we have ever seen.

SV3 Trading Telegram channel

It includes 932 photos, 22 videos, and 565 links.

Should You Use SV3 Trading?

There’s a well-remembered Telegram channelNo team revealed
Free signals providedNo any additional information about currency pairs, time frame, strategies provided
Trading ideas providedNo analysts who generate those signals revealed
Acceptable pricing with various packagesThe company doesn’t have an account to trade the signals they provide
We can get signals for up to 12 months for “free”


SV3 Trading is a signal-providing company that has a free Telegram channel with 32780 members. It’s everything we know about them. Any additional information is provided. We have no idea about strategies, currency pairs, time frames. We don’t know if we have to trade up to TP2 and TP3 for each deal. For signal services, this doesn’t work because people don’t manage these orders all the way. The pricing is acceptable, and there are free signals to try. You have to decide if you trust them.