Visiting a Super EZ Forex site, we found a presentation about a Simplicity indicator. Alas, the presentation itself lacks the minimum required intel to make a wise decision about using the BUY/SELL indicator. 

Super EZ Forex presentation

Super EZ Forex: Characteristics

We have united available information in the well-structured list you may see below:

  • The Simplicity BUY/SELL indicator can provide us with reliable signals for trading.
  • The developer mentioned that we can use the system at any time frame. Our experience says that there could be various win rates as a result.
  • It can be applied to different financial instruments like Forex, Stock, Indices, Metals, and Cryptocurrencies.
  • The signals can be delivered via charts, pop-up messages, mobile messages, and alerts. 
  • We are allowed “customizable smiley faces for noise-canceling trend filtering.” We have no idea what they want to say to us. It’s ridiculous.
  • We can do the “name personalization.” They didn’t provide explanations for this.
  • The indicator confirms BUY or SELL signals in the Hot Zones. Most likely, clients don’t understand this too.
  • The license allows us to use the indicator on any PC or Laptop.
  • The signals from the indicator can be useful for any trading style traders.
  • The indicator works during all trading sessions 24/5.
  • It was designed for the MT4 platform.

Currency Pairs, Strategy & Timeframe

  • Most likely, there are Price Action, Trend, or Averaging strategies behind the system.
  • It can work with any symbol at any time frame.

Super EZ Forex Trading Performance

The presentation doesn’t include backtest reports. It’s weird because they must have done these reports while designing the indicator. It’s a common practice, but they decided not to share them with us.

We have no verified trading results as well. It means the developers don’t make profits using their software. They didn’t even create a demo account to show us how the indicator can find trading opportunities. Trading results usually provide us with the next information:

  • Leverage
  • Broker house
  • Win rate
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly trading results
  • Drawdowns
  • Absolute gain
  • An average win and loss
  • Lots traded
  • Trading activities by hours, days, and months
  • Lot Sizes
  • Take Profit and Stop Loss levels, and so on

How much does it cost?

Super EZ Forex price

The indicator costs $323.67. The price includes $299 and 8.25%. In addition, we have to complete a registration providing them with our card details. If this is not a scam, it’s 100% risky. We can pay via bitcoin in advance. The package includes:

  • The “Simplicity” trading system.
  • Access to a VIP member Telegram channel.
  • Step-by-step video user guide.
  • Access to Uncle-P’s “LIVE CLASSES.” We haven’t seen any list of lessons or details.
  • Trade Tracking Journal. The same we can say about this journal.
  • High Impact News Event List.
  • Price Action Pattern Guide. 
  • Chart Patterns Guide.
  • Every additional key costs $149.

Reviews from customers

Super EZ Forex Reviews from customers

Super EZ Forex has a page on Forex Peace Army. There are no clients’ testimonials and rates. The developers have to care more about their reputation.

Should You Use Super EZ Forex?

We have to make a decision on our own to follow the signals or not to followNo team revealed
No strategy explanations provided
No indicator details provided
No money-management advice provided
Neither backtest reports nor trading results provided
No money-back-guarantee provided
No customer testimonials provided


Super EZ Forex looks like a scam company. Checking the presentation, we have found nothing about how the indicator works. There was even no info about the strategies behind it. Some explanations we could find were written unclear and explained almost nothing. The developers don’t use the system to make profits trading on the real account using this software. It would be great if they deployed at least a demo account, but alas.