Stenvall Mark lll is a Forex robot that is available on the MQL 5 marketplace, claiming that it can withstand market conditions of all sorts. It does not employ grid or martingale strategies and is not sensitive to brokers and spreads. The developer has produced the system for MT4 and MT5, where it can work on the M5 chart on EURUSD. To satisfy our conscience about the EA, we will review it in our article and see if it is good enough for trading. 

Stenvall Mark III: characteristics

The robot can work on your platform if you follow the following steps carefully:

  1. Purchase the system from MQL 5.
  2. Log in on the MQL 5 marketplace on the MT4/5 platform.
  3. Download the expert and enable live trading. 
  4. Attach the robot to the charts to start trading.


The EA has the following features:

  • It is not sensitive to broker and spreads
  • Multiple set files can be configured
  • Each trade comes with a stop loss
  • There are 76 functions on the system
  • True algo trading 24 hours a day without any manual intervention.

Currency pairs, strategy, and timeframe

The robot uses a complex wave analysis system and provides a stop loss and a take profit for each trade. It works on EURUSD on the M5 chart and does not use grid and martingale strategies. From the myfxbook history, we can observe that the algorithm does use averaging for trading the markets, which goes against the claims made by the developer.

The historical records.

Stenvall Mark III trading performance

Backtesting results are available for unknown currency pairs with real ticks. The relative drawdown was around 38% for the high-risk settings. The robot tanked an average profit of 234000% during this period and had a maximum load of 23%. There are no performance statistics or detailed statements that could verify the image provided by the developer.

 The backtesting records.

Verified trading records are available on Myfxbook that show performance from April 21, 2019, till the current date. The system made an average monthly gain of 3.14%, with a drawdown of 23.80%. 

The stated drawdown is high regarding the monthly gain, giving us a poor risk-reward ratio of 10:1. The winning rate stood at 65%, with a profit factor of 1.57. The best trade was 2490, while the worst was -1312 in a total of 511 trades. The developer made 11283 in deposits and 0 in withdrawals. 

Live trading results of Stenvall Mark III on myfxbook.

How much does it cost?

The robot is available for an asking price of $980 for one account. There is no money-back guarantee as per the rules of the MQL 5 marketplace. Traders can also rent it for $399 for one year.

The pricing model of the robot.

Reviews from customers

Customer reviews are only available at the MQL 5 marketplace, where a trader says that he has tested the system for 2.5 months. He says that the losses are quite big compared to the profits, and the account never recovers from the drawdown. The author is not communicating properly.

A customer review at MQL 5.

Should you use Stenvall Mark III?

Stenvall Mark lll uses dangerous grid methodology, which the developer hides. The algorithm has a high drawdown and small profit, which makes it unworthy of use.

Multiple subscription optionsGrid strategies are in use
It does not provide detailed backtesting results
The asking price is high


Stenvall Mark lll is not a good choice for many due to its high price and a good amount of drawdown. Traders have to be careful with such a robot as it may cause a margin call on the account.