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What is Stellar Lumens, and what is XLM coin?

Stellar Lumen is a blockchain-powered network that operates as a cross-border transfer and payment system. It is simply an open network that enables money to be moved and stored. Released in 2014, the network allows people to create, send and trade digital representations of various currencies.

Stellar Lumen’s core objective is to reimagine the global currency and asset transfer market. It seeks to achieve the same by enabling a distributed network that is devoid of any middlemen. Anyone using the service can transfer everything from traditional currencies to tokens. In return, the assets could be traded across borders with less friction.

Compared to other payment systems, Stellar stands out because every transaction on the network costs just 0.00001XLM. The low transaction fees ensure people end up keeping more of their money.

XLM is the native token that powers the Stella Lumens network. It acts as a medium of exchange through which all transaction fees are settled. Unlike other cryptocurrencies, it cannot be mined. At its inception, the Stellar Development Foundation released 100 billion XLM coins.

There are about 24.7 billion XLM tokens in circulation from a 50 billion total supply. Over the next five years, the foundation is to increase the supply by 1% each year. With a market cap of $4.9 billion, the total value of XLM tokens locked in decentralized finance stands at $42.4 million.

Should I buy Stellar Lumens coin today: XLM market sentiment

Stellar Lumen coin has shed more than 70% in market value over the past year. The sell-off has coincided with the overall cryptocurrency market coming under pressure amid a correction from record highs. In recent days, the sell-off wave appears to have lost momentum.

XLM weekly price chart

XLM coin has started showing signs of bottoming out after hitting the key support level. The $0.19 area has emerged as a crucial support area from where XLM could bounce back. The cryptocurrency bouncing back and finding support above the $0.20 level should make it an attractive buy as a bounce-back play.

Price closing above the 200-day moving average and the RSI starting to move up should reaffirm a buildup in buying pressure amid the accumulation that has taken place in recent days.

Consequently, the XLM coin seems like an attractive buy as it is currently trading at a great discount after the 70% pullback from all-time highs.

What is Stellar Lumen XLM price prediction for a year?

While XLM is trading for less than $0.20 a coin, it is poised to bounce back if current estimates are anything to go by. Analysts at Digitalcoinprice.com expect the coin to average $0.27 in 2022 and could hit a maximum of $0.29 before year-end, representing a 52% price gain from current levels.

The XLM price forecast for 2022 by Digitalcoinprice.com

Analysts at Walletinvestor.com are also bullish about XLM 2022 prospects expecting the coin to bounce back to highs of $0.3097 before year-end. XLM 2022 prospects are dependent on the overall cryptocurrency market bouncing back after being under pressure over the past six months.

What is Stellar Lumen XLM price prediction for 2025?

The prospect of XLM coin doubling in price by 2025 is high. Cryptocurrencies’ volatile nature affirms significant price appreciation if price action is anything to go by in recent years. Estimates at Digitalcoinprice.com indicate that XLM could rally by more than 400% to highs of $0.42 a coin by 2025. At this level, it would still be trading at a discount considering its all-time high is at $0.80.

The XLM price forecast for 2025 by Digitalcoinprice.com

Analysts at Walletinvestor.com, on the other hand, expect XLM to rally to highs of $0.74 over the next five years.

What is Stellar Lumen XLM price prediction for 2030?

Stellar Lumen’s long-term outlook is positive, going by the positive estimates across the board. The coin could rally to record highs of $0.93 by 2030, going by Digitalcoinprice.com estimates. Analysts at Walletinevstor.com, on the other hand, are optimistic of the coin rallying to more than $1 a coin by 2030.

The XLM price forecast for 2030 by Digitalcoinprice.com

The bullish estimates do not come as a surprise going by the increased mainstream adoption of cryptocurrencies. XLM is one of the tokens well-positioned to be at the heart of enabling low-cost, superfast cross-border payments. Increased use in payments is one factor that should help support significant price appreciation.

Stellar Lumens XLM FAQ

Will Stellar Lumens XLM coin appreciate in a year?

Yes. It is possible that the XLM coin will appreciate in a year as cryptocurrencies can be extremely volatile. The coin has started showing signs of bottoming out after a steep pullback from all-time highs.

How much will Stellar Lumen be worth in 5 years?

XLM coin could be worth more than $0.50 a coin over the next five years as it has started bouncing back after a deep correction.

Where do I buy XLM Token?

Stellar Lumen crypto can be bought in a wide range of top cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, and Huobi.