Music streaming firm Spotify is looking at offering blockchain and non-fungible tokens in its platform, according to a report by FT.

  • The company released job postings on “Web3” projects which are at an early stage, looking for an engineer for its “experimental growth” team and a manager for its “Innovation and Market Intelligence” group.
  • The firm has yet to comment on the development but noted that the Web 3.0 team will be fully stacked and will take charge for boosting growth through new technologies, including Web 3.0.
  • Spotify’s job notice for the manager noted that the candidate should have experience in content creation, media, Web 3.0, and emerging technology industries. They will be responsible for defining “Spotify Moonshots” or the company’s new projects.
  • Chief Executive Daniel Ek earlier said digital tokens and blockchain could enable streaming customers to be able to pay artists directly, no matter the location. In 2019, he said such developments would create opportunities to further the firm’s mission.

Spotify earlier collaborated on Facebook’s now-defunct planned cryptocurrency Diem. SPOT is down 0.43% premarket.